My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Howdy folks!

I know I’m a week late, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Hope you all stuffed your faces and had thoroughly lazy, bloated weekends.

I undertook the challenge of cooking my very first Thanksgiving, which also happened to be completely vegan, and also happened to be prepared with the use of a single gas burner…

Living in Korea requires a fair bit of inventiveness, especially when it comes to cooking.  Prior to moving here, Eoin and I basically lived off of roast dinners.  Piles of sweet, roast parsnips and beetroot…flaky mounds of cornflour-covered roast potatoes…all smothered in copious amounts of gravy.

I was determined to incorporate some sort of roast veggies into my Thanksgiving feast, so I managed to find a couple brownie tins in Home Plus, and when placed upon a gas burner and covered tightly with tin foil, they worked pretty well as make-shift roasting tins.

Anyway, here’s what six strenuous hours in the kitchen produced:


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