Tokyo! Part Two: Yoyogi Park, Ueno Park, and the National Museum

When we were preparing for our trip to Tokyo, I compiled a massive itinerary of stuff I wanted to see and do, which included about seven different parks.

I guess I didn’t realize just how HUUUGE Tokyo would be, though, because we only made it to two parks before totally running out of time.  Thankfully, the two parks we visited were well worth it.

We went to Ueno Park totally by fluke; we were changing lines at Ueno metro station while trying to get to Akihabara, when I noticed a sign for Ueno Park and decided to take a quick detour.  A quick detour which turned into a 3 hour-long excursion!


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Tokyo! Part One: Temples and Tanuki

So Eoin and I recently returned from a FABULOUS five-day excursion to Tokyo, and it totally exceeded our expectations.  We were pretty sure we were gonna like Tokyo, but we weren’t expecting to fall as completely in love with it as we did.  We took SO many photos that I’m going to have to spread them out over a few blog posts, starting with some of the beautiful temples and gardens we visited!

Entrance to the Meiji Shrine.

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