Tokyo 2015: Nezu Shrine, the Imperial Palace, and Vegan Buddhist Food at Fucha Bon

One of my favorite things about Japan is how easy it is to find tranquility within its urban metropolises.  In Tokyo, it’s not hard to find ethereal shrines adjacent to winding highways and looming office blocks…

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Toji Temple and Vegan’s Cafe Kyoto

We visited all of the grandest temples and shrines in Kyoto on our initial visit, but we overlooked Toji Temple: a UNESCO World Heritage Site founded in the 700’s!  Luckily, it was located within walking distance from our hotel, so we stopped by for a gander.

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Super Old Stuff in Gyeongju

We were looking for something new to do a few weekends ago, which can be a bit complicated and frustrating when you have to rely on public transport, but then we realized that the birthplace of the Silla Kingdom (Korea’s longest-reigning dynasty) is just a short 25 minute train ride away from Ulsan!

Gyeongju was the capital of the Silla Kingdom from 57 BC to AD 935, so it’s filled with super old stuff!

The most striking thing we noticed about Gyeongju’s landscape is the vast amount of perfectly rounded green hills:


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