Shopping, Eating, and Sightseeing in Tokyo 2014!

After four days of adventuring in Kyoto and Hiroshima, the time came to say goodbye to our super comfy and swanky hotel room, pack up our suitcases, and board the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

But with Osaka sitting right in between Tokyo and Kyoto, we just had to swing by for a speedy shopping pit-stop!

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Oh, Osaka! Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Sushi, and More!

Osaka is known for being ‘Japan’s kitchen,’ because it’s where some of Japan’s most well-known comfort foods have come from.  Two of Japan’s most famous, fried comfort foods are Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, both of which originate from Osaka!  I was pretty excited to get stuck into some proper Osaka grub…

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