Hong Kong 2015: Neon Lights and City Sights

I don’t really know what expectations I had about Hong Kong, but I suppose I was expecting it to be all towering skyscrapers and silver, shiny cityscapes.  Of course, this was one element of Hong Kong’s landscape, but I was most impressed by the trashy side streets, secluded shrines, and tiny, cluttered shops.  There was such a juxtaposition of cultures, times, and traditions; it felt so unreal!  A shop stuffed with birds’ nests could be just around the corner from an organic, vegan grocery store; British pubs sat across from dim sum restaurants; ancient temples stood in the shadows of glittering apartment buildings.  Not to mention the bamboo scaffolding that covered at least one building on every single block.  Hong Kong is a city that seems perpetually under construction, ever expanding.


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Tokyo 2014! Glamorous Ginza

Howdy there!  And Happy 2014!  We rang in the New Year in Tokyo, and are still suffering from some serious Japan withdrawal.

New Year’s in Japan is a different experience from anywhere else in the world; it’s a sacred time, when most families group together and take a long break from work.  Many shops and restaurants shut down over the entire period, and nearly all museums and public parks close.  It was a bit of an inconvenience, and meant that we had to rethink our itinerary, but it was insightful to witness Tokyo during this quiet time.


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