An Unexpected 4-Day Weekend and Random Vegan Eats

EDIT: I started this post yesterday but neglected to put it up, cuz, of course, food distracted me and I magically found myself back at Everest nomming on some samosas and curry with my coworkers…

What on Earth am I doing at home, in bed, blogging (and listening to The Darkness’s brilliant new album!) on an ordinary Thursday morning?!  Well, yesterday my school informed me that it would be closing down for two days, along with hundreds of other schools across Korea, due to the nationwide panic rising around the MERS virus.  I had NO IDEA about MERS, or why more people than usual were walking around wearing face masks, until yesterday.  I’m not really sure what difference two days will make (and kids are all running around playing with each other outside, anyway, so it’s not like they’re going to be spending the weekend in quarantine.)  But, anyway, that’s what’s going on here at the moment!  EDIT: Now I’ve come down with a cold, worst timing ever, right?!  So, I’ve been wearing my face mask everywhere.  Paranoia or precaution?  I dunno, but I’m scurred, yo 😷

In the midst of the MERS mayhem (it’s been going on since last month, apparently, but like I said I was blissfully ignorant to it all!), I’ve still been finding plenty of new yummy vegan food.  Along with my recent cravings for Indian food (check my previous post), I’ve been having hankerings for Mexican noms, too, which lead me to Dos Tacos, probably the best Mexican restaurant (chain) in Korea (though Gusto Taco‘s pretty awesome, too!)


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Loving Hut Thien Dang: Vegan Vietnamese Food in Seoul!

UPDATE: Loving Hut Thien Dang has closed.

Even though there are loads of Loving Hut vegan restaurants all over Seoul, they mostly serve the same stuff: Korean stews, pizzas, breaded cutlets…basic comfort food, really!  Thien Dang Loving Hut in Namseong is the first one I’ve found that actually specializes in one cuisine, in this case, Vietnamese food!

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Dog-Friendly Dining at Care Vegan Cafe and Loving Hut

UPDATE: Care Vegan Cafe has closed, but may reopen in a new location.  Check their Facebook page for updates.

When I became vegan, obviously my dining options slimmed down quite a lot, especially since Korea is a very pro-meat country.  And, now that I’ve become a dog mom, my dining options have reduced even more, because I love taking Duggie just about everywhere with me!  Thankfully, finding dog-friendly cafes and restaurants with vegan menus isn’t too difficult in Seoul.

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Reflections on Life in Seoul and Vegan Eats at Loving Hut Sinchon and New Start Buffet

UPDATE: Loving Hut Rainbow (Sinchon) and New Start Buffet have closed.

To put it simply, we are LOVIN’ life in Seoul.  The speed and convenience of the subway, the variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, how crazy cheap (in comparison to other cities) everything here is, and the overwhelming positive attitude of the people here.  In comparison to Ulsan, living in Seoul honestly feels like living in an entirely new country.  People aren’t spitting, cursing, and screaming everywhere, no one’s pushing anyone over, or driving insanely recklessly, old people are actually treated with kindness and respect, people are SMILING, and holding doors open for each other, and basically just being decent human beings…  I dunno what went wrong with Ulsan, but MAN, I am so grateful to be outta that cesspool of misery and poo-smells.

I am also SO grateful for the vast abundance of vegan-friendly noms this wonderful city has to offer!


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