Tokyo 2015: Nezu Shrine, the Imperial Palace, and Vegan Buddhist Food at Fucha Bon

One of my favorite things about Japan is how easy it is to find tranquility within its urban metropolises.  In Tokyo, it’s not hard to find ethereal shrines adjacent to winding highways and looming office blocks…

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Oh, Osaka! Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Sushi, and More!

Osaka is known for being ‘Japan’s kitchen,’ because it’s where some of Japan’s most well-known comfort foods have come from.  Two of Japan’s most famous, fried comfort foods are Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, both of which originate from Osaka!  I was pretty excited to get stuck into some proper Osaka grub…

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Tokyo! Part Three: Shopping and Eating!

Shopping in Tokyo is THEE BEST.  Seriously, I love shopping in the UK, but it’s just way too expensive.  Shopping in Tokyo is all the funky awesomeness of shopping in the UK, but WAY cheaper.  Every single shop I went into had a sale on, so of course I indulged and treated myself to some spiffy new threads!


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