Curry Crazy in Seoul and Belated Buddha’s Birthday Lanterns

Sometimes it feels like there are just way too many things to do in Seoul.  I actually really miss just being bored, and having time to laze around doing nothing but reading, listening to music, and staring off into space.  Spending a weekend indoors just seems like such a waste now that the subway’s a skip away and there are so many places to go, things to see, and (most importantly) yummy stuff to eat!  Anyway, last weekend marked my favorite Korean holiday: Buddha’s Birthday!  And this year I finally managed to catch the Lotus Lantern Parade~!


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A New Start in Seoul + New Vegan Eats!

Welp, we’ve been living in our new place in Seoul for about a month now, so this post is way overdue!  There have been hard times, happy times, and lots and lots of nommy food.  Luckily (sort of?) our hagwon director felt guilty about selling his school and prematurely cancelling our contracts, so he helped us find our new place in Seoul, set up our internet, and organized our moving truck.  So, settling in was easy enough.  It is SO nice living on the Green Line, like, holy shmoly, no more two hour journeys to Hongdae!  Our new neighborhood is pretty darn funky, too.


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Veggie Yums at New Little India in Busan

Busan has a buttload of tasty Indian restaurants; none of them compare to the amazing Indian cuisine we were used to in the UK, but they’re a welcome relief from Korean food and our own home-cooking.

Our favorite used to be Namaste, located on basement level near the beach in Haeundae, but this weekend we visited New Little India in Nampo, and we were totally blown away by its deliciousness, as well as how crazy cheap it was!


New Little India is located just off of the main shopping street in Nampo; it’s on the second floor, underneath a cat cafe.

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