An Unexpected 4-Day Weekend and Random Vegan Eats

EDIT: I started this post yesterday but neglected to put it up, cuz, of course, food distracted me and I magically found myself back at Everest nomming on some samosas and curry with my coworkers…

What on Earth am I doing at home, in bed, blogging (and listening to The Darkness’s brilliant new album!) on an ordinary Thursday morning?!  Well, yesterday my school informed me that it would be closing down for two days, along with hundreds of other schools across Korea, due to the nationwide panic rising around the MERS virus.  I had NO IDEA about MERS, or why more people than usual were walking around wearing face masks, until yesterday.  I’m not really sure what difference two days will make (and kids are all running around playing with each other outside, anyway, so it’s not like they’re going to be spending the weekend in quarantine.)  But, anyway, that’s what’s going on here at the moment!  EDIT: Now I’ve come down with a cold, worst timing ever, right?!  So, I’ve been wearing my face mask everywhere.  Paranoia or precaution?  I dunno, but I’m scurred, yo 😷

In the midst of the MERS mayhem (it’s been going on since last month, apparently, but like I said I was blissfully ignorant to it all!), I’ve still been finding plenty of new yummy vegan food.  Along with my recent cravings for Indian food (check my previous post), I’ve been having hankerings for Mexican noms, too, which lead me to Dos Tacos, probably the best Mexican restaurant (chain) in Korea (though Gusto Taco‘s pretty awesome, too!)


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Sweet Summertime in Seoul

How the crap is it mid-July already?!  I spent so much time getting psyched up for summer to arrive, and now it’s already halfway finished; mental!  I guess it’s hard to maintain those good feelin’ summer vibes when you’re cooped up in a windowless building for 9 hours, five days a week…  But at least we’ll be jetting off to Japan for our week-long summer break soon!  Can’t freakin’ wait!   We’ve been trying to save up funds for Japan by eating out less…and while we’ve been eating out less, we’ve been drinking out more.  There are so many sweet spots for cocktails and sugariffic treats in Seoul, I just can’t help myself!


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