Seoul’s Best Burrito, Vegan Softserve, Halloween Treats, and More!

Over the past few years, November has come to mean one thing…JOB HUNTING, and all the stress and exhilaration it brings.  I guess it’s no surprise then that I’ve been seeking out non-stop comfort food lately!  It’s nice to still be able to find new vegan-friendly treats, since so many places I’d depended on for grub are closing down (basically every single Loving Hut, it seems…)  Anyhoo, since it is still autumn, have some fall foliage (which is fading fast around here, boohoo!)

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October Vibes & Vegan Eats

I live for autumn.  Forget Christmas, autumn is by far ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’  The weather’s perfect for light layers, the duvet comes back outta storage and turns the bed back into snuggle central, spiced candles are lit around the apartment, the trees come to life in bright red, yellow, and golden hues, and sunsets resemble candy apples sinking into the horizon.  Even though autumn in Seoul means that the sidewalks become covered in festering piles of puke-scented ginko nuts, I can deal with it.  That’s how much I love autumn.


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Autumn in Ulsan

Heya folks!  I can’t believe November has come and nearly gone so quickly; I feel like I’ve missed out on my favorite season entirely!

I’ve spent many Autumns in the US and the UK, and adored them both equally.  Growing up in America instilled in me an appreciation for Fall festivals, and all the seasonal delights they brought with them: sticky, hot apple cider, funnel cakes, caramel apples, pumpkin and pecan pie…  I love everything and anything containing allspice and cinnamon, so Autumn is when I’m in my culinary element.  Along with all the sweet treats, I love how crisp and smoky the air becomes in Autumn; there’s something so ethereal about Autumn mornings, chilly without being too cold, and sunlight pouring down through canopies of honey-colored leaves.

Autumn in the UK is a bit chillier than in the US, and they don’t celebrate the pumpkin with the same fervor us Americans do, but there’s still that crisp, cinnamon-laced scent to the air.  Around this time of year is when all of the Christmas markets begin to set up in the UK, too, bustling with people and scented with pine needles and mulled wine.

Needless to say, Autumn in Korea has been a different experience entirely.

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