Dog-Friendly Korea

Believe it or not, Korea is a surprisingly dog-friendly country; I even adopted my dog here!

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Below is a list of dog cafes and parks I’ve visited (and enjoyed) here, as well as resources for adopting a dog.

Dog Cafes

As the name implies, dog cafes are indoor doggy play areas which have human seating and serve beverages (and sometimes food.)  Dog cafes are great places to bring your dog to socialize with other dogs and people.  Some also offer hotel and grooming services.  There is no entry fee to dog cafes, and you don’t have to have a dog to enter, but each customer must purchase a beverage (usually 5,000 won ~ 8,000 won.)

  • Bau House | Hapjeong | Many big and small resident dogs | Separate sections for big and small dogs | Hotel
  • Cafe Pawz | Gangnam | Two small resident dogs | Hotel
  • Sangsang Dabang | Hongdae | Many small and medium resident dogs
  • Dog Drink Cafe | Hongdae | A few medium and big resident dogs | Outdoor / rooftop seating
  • Dog Zone | Jamsil | Many small, medium, and large resident dogs | Hotel and Grooming
  • Cafe Chicu | Gangnam | Many medium and large resident dogs | Separate sections for big and small dogs | Hotel

Dog Parks

You must a have a dog to enter a dog park.  They are fenced-in grassy or sandy areas, usually with minimal seating.

Dog Hotel

  • The Pet Hotel M | Itaewon | Located in the same building as Chung Wha Animal Hospital | English Service (Please visit the hotel first if you are thinking of boarding your dog here.  I brought Duggie in for daycare as a test-drive before boarding, and he came out filthy and very stressed, so I decided not to use their hotel.  But, different dogs enjoy different environments, so please check it out first.)

Adopting a Dog

  • CARE | Dongdaemun and Dapsimni | Two walk-in adoption centers available | English Service by Email (I adopted Duggie from the Dongdaemun adoption center, and I cannot recommend this organization enough!  They are wonderful )
  • Rescue Korea | Many Locations Across Korea | Online network of animal profiles for adoption and fostering (Formerly Animal Rescue Korea.  You can contact fosters and English-speaking shelter representatives by email.)

English-Speaking Vets

Click here for a list of vegan dog-friendly restaurants and cafes! 🐶

3 thoughts on “Dog-Friendly Korea

  1. Pet Hotel M:

    Never, ever, ever use this service. The guy (John) that runs this service cares nothing for the dogs. He puts them in a room and lets them run wild, but then exits the boarding room with no attention to the dangers inherent to throwing a bunch of strange dogs together at one time without monitoring their behavior. I had the unfortunate experience of leaving my dogs here during an overseas trip and repeatedly saw (on the hotels CCTV that can be monitored from your smartphone) a few larger dogs abusing the weaker ones. John did nothing to stop them. I sent John a message and told him to check on this. He was very slow to reply and failed to monitor the dogs even after I cautioned him about this problem. When I picked up my dogs, they were stressed beyond belief and covered in feces. This is THE WORST dog boarding experience I have ever had.

    • I second the advice regarding Pet Hotel M. It is awful. I left my dog (golden retriever) here and had to take her out after 3 days because my husband saw one of the workers hitting another dog with a broom. The dogs don’t get any exercise apart from playing with each other and there are far too many big dogs in a small space for the exercise to be sufficient (there were about 8 large dogs in a room suited to 2-3 max). They do their business inside which is terrible for a house trained dog and if the dog is left there for any length of time they will need re-training when you get them home. The staff don’t care about the dogs and they have zero human interaction apart from someone going in to leave a water bowl. I feel so bad for ever leaving my dog there in the first place, she was covered in urine and smelled so bad after only 3 days.

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