♡ Hiya!  I’m Amanda ~ thanks for checking out SoKoreazy.com! ♡

Notice: After 3 adventure-filled years in Korea, I decided to move back to the U.K. to return to university, so SoKoreazy is now inactive.  I hope you will still find this blog useful, and if you notice any out-of-date information please let me know and I’ll update my posts!  Thanks so much for visiting ♡


I was born and raised in the USA, but spent most of my adult life in the UK, where I met my Norn Irish boyfriend (who luckily loves animal friends as much as me!)


We started our TEFL careers here in the industrial city of Ulsan, but now we’re living the metropolitan high life in Seoul and lovin’ every minute of it.

I became vegan after moving to Korea.  Before coming here, I had no idea that eating dog meat was still ‘a thing,’ so I was horrified to find a dog meat restaurant just around the corner from our first apartment.  Living here has made me completely rethink how we consume and use animals.  Being vegan in Korea is nowhere near as hard as you might think, though!  Seoul has so many awesome veg-friendly cafes and restaurants, and I intend on trying all of them!

Since moving to Korea, we’ve traveled to Japan eight times, and I fall more in love with each visit.


I’m crazy for cute stuff, and my obsession has only intensified since moving here!




 But my favorite cutie is my furbaby Duggie, who we adopted here in Korea!


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4 thoughts on “About

  1. So nice to “meet you” .-I know your mom–she is a client at Great Falls Animal Hospital where I work as a veterinary asst. Congrats on the website. !! Your love of animals, animal rights and veganism is absolutely terrific – keep up the good work !!

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