Seoul’s Best Burrito, Vegan Softserve, Halloween Treats, and More!

Over the past few years, November has come to mean one thing…JOB HUNTING, and all the stress and exhilaration it brings.  I guess it’s no surprise then that I’ve been seeking out non-stop comfort food lately!  It’s nice to still be able to find new vegan-friendly treats, since so many places I’d depended on for grub are closing down (basically every single Loving Hut, it seems…)  Anyhoo, since it is still autumn, have some fall foliage (which is fading fast around here, boohoo!)


Ah, the ubiquitous ginko tree.  Now that their stink berries of doom have all dropped and been swept away (or squished into the ground), they’re actually quite nice to look at.


A funky woodpecker I spotted while walking through a park near Jamsil!

While most people were out partying, Eoin and I spent our Halloween at the dog park, then dropped by Coexistence Cafe to check out their special Halloween menu!  Life sure does quiet down after you become a dog parent, I guess.


Halloween’s still a relatively new holiday in Korea, so it comes and goes pretty quickly without much celebration, but Coexistence Cafe totally embraced it to the full!  Just check out this awesome jack-o-lantern cake!


Murdered gingerbread men and ghosty biccies.


And some berry batty cupcakes, too!


The best part of their Halloween spread was definitely this ‘bloody’ beetroot burger (which came with a bright red sparkling grapefruit drink, too.)  The buns were homemade with beet juice, and the burger was topped with pureed pumpkin and a beet-stained tartar sauce which tasted SO MUCH like the Swedish beetroot salad my grandma would always make.  I loved it.


Eoin opted for their supreme burger (though I had to steal some of his hash brown topping because hash brown, duh.)


Look with your eyes, not with your tongue, Dugg!


Food’s more fun with friends 💕

Onward to Mexican x Korean fusion kitchen, Coreanos, for…yes, I’m gonna say it, SEOUL’S BEST BURRITO.  Boom.


As far as I know, there are two Coreanos locations in Seoul: this one in Apgujeong, and a newer one in Itaewon.  There’s actually a huge number of Mexican restaurants in Seoul, and I’ve tried a lot of them, but Coreanos is by far the best for burritos.  (If you want tasty tacos, head to Gusto’s!)


Obligatory guacamole and chips.


Lost Coast brews on draft, om nom nom.


Bum ba bummm!  Vegan burrito heaven.  Vegan tortillas stuffed full of diced onions, peppers, re-fried beans, hot sauce, guacamole, and hash browns (YESSS.)  Listen up though: there’s no mention of vegan or even vegetarian burritos on the menu: you just have to nicely ask the server and they will happily oblige!  Don’t be tempted by soymilk milkshakes on the menu, though, because they contain cow’s milk yogurt.  For Coreanos’ addresses, maps, and menus. check out their English website here.

Finally, perhaps my happiest find yet, vegan softserve!  (Yes, I know there’s Dole Whip in Hongdae, but this stuff is sooo much better!)


‘Guilt-Free’ softserve SQZ in the basement food hall of the COEX Hyundai Department Store.  I can’t find much about them online, but you can check out their Korean Facebook page here.


So, they currently have four fruit-based flavors to choose from: mango, banana, strawberry, and pear.  You can choose a single (4,900) or large cup (7,900), or a (non-vegan) cone (4,300.)  Then, you can add two toppings to a single cup or three toppings to a large cup.  Toppings vary from fresh and dried fruit to nuts and seeds.  (Avoid the tasty unhealthy ones such as jelly balls and oreos cuz they’re not vegan.)


Large mango cup topped with chia seeds, black sesame seeds, and dried figs.

I had the banana, mango, and strawberry cups (yes, all in one day…don’t judge me…I just really, REALLY love ice cream…)  Banana was my favorite, and strawberry was really good, too.  Neither of them tasted artificially sweet.  The mango one was aight but a bit too bitter for me.  Obviously get it if you like mango, though!


Seoul-long for now!  Thanks for reading ^^


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