October Vibes & Vegan Eats

I live for autumn.  Forget Christmas, autumn is by far ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’  The weather’s perfect for light layers, the duvet comes back outta storage and turns the bed back into snuggle central, spiced candles are lit around the apartment, the trees come to life in bright red, yellow, and golden hues, and sunsets resemble candy apples sinking into the horizon.  Even though autumn in Seoul means that the sidewalks become covered in festering piles of puke-scented ginko nuts, I can deal with it.  That’s how much I love autumn.


It’s also the time of the year when cute, fuzzy chestnut shells start to pile up in every ditch and crevice along Seoul’s walking trails.

When the weather’s this lovely, I wanna spend as much time outdoors as possible, which means Plant picnics!


I’ve been having crazy hankerings for Plant’s tempeh carrot ‘slaw wraps lately.  The crunchy, sweet ‘n’ sour carrots, the pickled purple cabbage, hefty chunks of vegan cheese, and their homemade tempeh all squished together in a wholemeal wrap make the ideal lunch meal.  Anyhowz, we grab our Plant takeaway treats and usually head up to the World Cup Stadium Park to absorb some vitamin D.  The Park was crazy busy this weekend, much to our surprise, because it was the ideal wheat field-viewing time in the Haneul (Sky) Park.  There were literally buses upon buses of people arriving to join the queues of wheat-field enthusiasts.  I didn’t really get the excitement; maybe it was all my years of commuting past fields and fields of farmland in Delaware.  Anyhow, the parts of the park we did visit were pretty enough, with the autumn colors beginning to come through.


This was the first time I’d seen these wooden boats floating around the lake.  It was relaxing to watch their sails shift every time there was a breeze.  Our main motivation for visiting the World Cup Stadium Park, however, was to visit their dog park (which is well worth the commute!)  I’ve become pretty bored of dog cafes and all their rules and overpriced drinks, which makes the (free!) dog park even more appealing.  Duggie definitely enjoys being able to run around outside much more than being stuck inside a cafe.  The best part about visiting the dog park on this particular occasion was meeting a dog I’ve been obsessing over for ages…


…A SHIBA INU!! ❤️  Of course, I’ve seen countless Shiba Inus in Japan, and quite a few in Seoul as well, but this was the first time I got to properly snuggle one.  I think she must’ve sensed how excited I was to see her, cuz she came running up to Eoin and I, jumping all over us and snuffling our faces, eeeek!


Duggie wasn’t anywhere near as impressed.  And, yes, he wears a backpack now.  Eoin says it’s stupid, I say it’s FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, and also handy for carrying tiny things like poo bags and dentasticks.


More early autumn Seoul scenery: rice paddies in front of officetels.

We also swung by the VOTU Vegan Flea Market at the SM Loving Hut Buffet in Yangjae.  It was totally packed, which was great!  I hope they’ll organize another one soon! ^^


We stuffed ourselves with so much tasty street food: sweet ‘n’ spicy tteokbokki, a whole bucket of fried chik’n, and crispy, salty seaweed-wrapped japchae noodles (made from sweet potato starch.)


See ya~! ❤️


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