Goodbye Mimi & Kelly’s and Random Vegan Eats in Seoul

I was recently asked by one of my fave Seoul-centered blogs, My Seoul Searching, to contribute a post about my top vegan eats in Seoul, which I was happy to do!  You can check it out here.  Anyhow, since writing up my top five recommendations, one of them has closed down, and the quality of another one has slipped.  Total bummer!  I’d been regularly visiting Mimi & Kelly’s to try and work my way through their whole menu when they suddenly announced that they’d be closing.  I didn’t want to waste the photos I’d taken of their awesome vegan comfort food, though, so I’m posting them regardless.  Anyway, hopefully they’ll be able to reopen in a new location soon!

DSC_0326 (2)

The epic double chocolate Oreo shake.  This thing was a meal in itself!


The strawberry shake was my fave, though.  I want it again so badly!  Mimi & Kelly’s, come back! 💕


Creamy caprese sandwich oozing with coconut cheese.


Mac ‘n’ cheese in a cute little personal pot.


An awesome vegan omelet served over fried rice.

DSC_0346 (2)

Mimi & Kelly’s proudly advertised their ‘vegan junk food,’ and this Vegan Honey Bread was like the jewel of their junk food crown (that’s one of my stranger similes, I’ll admit…)  Honey Bread is a Korean cafe staple.  It’s basically, well, what it looks like: a big hunk of toasted bread slathered in butter and sugar and topped with whipped cream.  I never ever imagined I’d be able to try it, so, thank you Mimi & Kelly for that experience!


A proper chai tea latte and a slice of mocha cheesecake.  I really wish this place could’ve stayed open longer, but, I’ll keep checking their Facebook page just in case they ever announce a new location.  Good luck, you guys! 💕

Now, as for that previously loved vegan establishment which I mentioned had slipped in quality: Sanchon.  This place does fancy, expensive temple food, so it’s not somewhere we frequented.  But, we were so impressed the first time we visited that it has remained in my top five.  Well, we recently revisited Sanchon to celebrate our seventh anniversary (holy crap,) and unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment.  For starters, they served us milk with ginseng.  Milk.  It looked and smelled like cow’s milk, and the server insisted that it was milk.  Why?!  As for the rest of the food, the portions seemed smaller, and the food was really oily.  The price of the lunch set had also increased.

I’ve actually become pretty dubious of all of the ‘vegan’ Buddhist temple food restaurants in Korea, because of the milk experience, and also because I heard that another temple food restaurant in Insadong, which advertises itself as vegan, was recently caught serving pork and fish dishes.  Hmm…

Anyhow, on to more yummy, cruelty-free food!


The Vegan sandwich at Baker’s Table.  They’d run out of ciabatta bread so they served it on focaccia instead, and oh man, I want it that way from now on! 😍


Finally, we also recently revisited CARE’s Coexistence Cafe, which has changed its menu again.  We weren’t too impressed with their main meals last time, but now they only serve burgers (with sides of salad or fries), drinks, and homemade desserts.  It’s definitely an improvement!  Their burgers are pretty unique, too, featuring toppings such as fried tofu, hash browns, and pesto eggplant.  They even had vegan donuts when we visited, and you should know by now how I feel about donuts… 😻


They tasted like gingerbread cake, not exactly like donuts, but still good!  I can’t wait to see what they bake up next!  You can follow their Facebook page for updates and specials, too! ^^


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