Tokyo 2015: More Vegan Eats!

While it seems like more and more vegan restaurants in Seoul are shutting down (Loving Hut Thien Dang, Achasan Loving Hut, Garobee, New Start Buffet, and Mimi & Kelly’s have all disappeared within the past couple of years,) Tokyo’s vegan and healthy-eating scene seems to be growing!  When I was scoping out HappyCow prior to our Tokyo trip, I was so surprised by the amount of new restaurants and cafes which had popped up within the past year.  That’s gotta be a good sign for sure!  First things first, though: a trip to my all-time favorite veg-friendly hang-out, Pure Cafe in Aoyama! ♡


Pure Cafe has always been our go-to spot for food in Tokyo.  It’s located in my favorite area (just down the road from the shopping haven that it Omotesando,) its opening hours are awesome (Mon-Sun 8:30 am – 10:30 pm!) and most importantly, their food is scrump-diddly-umptious!  And they have convenient combo menus for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Plus, the fact that it’s located in the same building as Aveda means that it smells heavenly and is oh-so clean and polished.  Since we wanted to check out as many different places as possible on our trip, we only came to Pure for one meal (but we ordered the Breakfast combo and Lunch combo in the same go, much to the amusement of the staff!) 😹


Blueberry muffin with tofu custard ♡


Ermaaazing soy cutlet sandwich.  All of their sandwiches are just out of this world awesome.  We also got two doughnuts to take back to our hotel room: rum raisin and mixed berry tofu cream sandwiched between two light and sugary doughnut halves.


Just up the road near Harajuku, we checked out Hanada Rosso, a place that’s been on my bucket list for years.


It’s pretty pricey, with a menu that features burgers and rice sets.  Eoin got a soy cutlet burger and I got a soy cutlet rice set.


The food was pretty average: not amazing but not terrible.  I was too full to try their desserts, but I’d like to go back to check out their milkshakes.  The restaurant is located in a kind of secluded, courtyard-esque area, so it was pretty peaceful and quiet.



Last but not least, a real contender for the title of Amanda’s Totally Top Ultimate Fave Place to Eat in Tokyo, Ain Soph Journey.


This place had a bit of a snobby vibe when we visited (most of the clientele were exceptionally well-dressed middle-aged women); I felt kinda outta place in my torn up Levi’s cut-offs and baggy t-shirt, but, ah well!  THE FOOD was why we were there, and THE FOOD did not disappoint.  Oh my gooneshess (as my kindergarten students like to say.)


I was expecting petite portions, but the lunch set servings were super substantial and delicious!  Our curries came with side salads, brown rice, baked beans, and we each ordered a side of fried soy nuggets.


Plus a couple frosty Heartland beers.  We came here on our final day in Tokyo, so I had those ‘oh noes end of vacation woes’ going on, which resulted in me trying to stuff as much scrumptious food into myself as possible.  And I’m very glad I did, even though I did feel like curling up in my seat and going to sleep afterwards.


We ordered a slice of super rich tofu cheesecake, and…dun duh dunnnn…


PANCAKES.  Vegan pancakes in Tokyo.  Who’da thunk it.  So, they were more like fluffy American biscuits than pancakes, but they were amazing.  I seriously still dream about them.  And topping whipped cream and ice cream with fresh fruit and nuts makes it seem like you’re actually indulging in a healthy meal – woohoo!  Not pictured is the bag of VEGAN DOUGHNUTS which we bought on the way out the door.  I waited until we got back to Seoul to eat them, but, oh my gooneshess, they were still delectable.  Vegans of Tokyo, I envy you!




Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for one final Tokyo recap and then it’s back to Seoul stuff!


4 thoughts on “Tokyo 2015: More Vegan Eats!

  1. Hey there! Wow, looks like you found some really neat little eateries tucked away in Tokyo. I’d definitely like to try those vegan pancakes and vegan donuts! (I am not vegan myself, although I am a health foods fan.) I’m so glad that I discovered your blog, it’s so cute, by the way! I’ve just started my own blog about Japan: – maybe you could check it out and let me know what you think, although there isn’t much on there (yet)! 🙂 Arigatou and ganbattene! Looking forward to reading more posts from you 🙂

    • Heya~! Thanks for the kind comments ^^ I just checked out your site, definitely looking forward to more posts from you guys! (Coincidentally, I actually studied abroad at the University of Oxford for two weeks and loved it. And it’s such a unique and charming city! You guys are lucky!! ^^)

      • Oh really? That’s so awesome! Glad you had a great time 🙂 Yes, we’re hoping to post about it once we go back to uni as it’s certainly a very bloggable city hehe 😉 Thanks so much!

  2. Amanda, You are not only full of interesting info. on foreign food, shopping etc. but
    you’re so funny ! I always have alot of laughs reading your blog. LOVE, Raggy

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