Cute Korea: Two More Sanrio Stores in Seoul + 1600 Pandas!

This post needs no explanation: let’s just get straight down to the cuteness! 💖 DSC_0299 So, the first Sanrio store is unfortunately not a permanent fixture, but a pop-up shop in Jamsil Station (which I managed to catch on its last day, ack!) DSC_0314 The station was full of so many cutie pootie Sanrio cut-outs, signs, and posters, but there were just way too many people around to get any decent photos. DSC_0303 The shop had a pretty limited selection, but there was loads of Gudetama stuff; I guess Korea’s finally caught on to the cuteness of this lazy egg. DSC_0311 Anyways, don’t despair: if you’re in Jamsil and looking to get your Sanrio fix, be sure to head over to the 4th floor of Lotte World Mall, where you’ll find… DSC_0389 Another Sanrio Gift Gate!  The shop itself is pretty small, as you can see, but there’s a whole wall of plushies ‘n’ stuff outside! DSC_0363DSC_0366 (2) I want a house with shelving like this, wahhh! DSC_0360 This Sanrio Gift Gate’s merchandise is pretty much the same as the COEX store’s: Korean-themed Kitty stuff, as well as many Japanese items, including… DSC_0358 Gudetama!  SO MUCH GUDETAMA. DSC_0378 (2) Towels, bags, backpacks, pens… DSC_0381 …even panty-shaped coin purses?!  What more could you ask for? DSC_0368 I saw many of the same items at the Sanrio Gift Gates in Tokyo recently, too, like these adorabzzzle bags. DSC_0386 I always feel guilty putting new Sanrio socks on my smelly feet cuz they’re just too cute.  I have too many socks.  Like, really, TOO many. DSC_0387 So many cute little thingamabobbers.  I always find reasons to buy completely useless things in Sanrio stores, such as, “OMG I can fit exactly ONE cotton bud into this teeny little container, PERFECT!” DSC_0348 I probably would’ve tried to buy these pretty unicorns by the escalators, too, if they were for sale. Onwards to other adorable-ness: 1600 Pandas! DSC_0334 (2) So, 1600 Pandas is an exhibit designed by French artist Paulo Grangeon in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to promote the awareness and conservation of wild pandas.  The exhibit features 1,600 recycled papier-mâché pandas, to reflect the number of wild pandas left on earth.  Although, since the exhibit’s start in 2008, the number of wild pandas has actually increased to 1,800!  Go, pandas, go! DSC_0327 The exhibit began its flash-mob tour around Korea in May, then stopped at Lotte World Mall from July 4th until July 31st.  Now, it’s currently on tour in Malaysia! DSC_0322

Stay tuned for more cute stuff! xoxo

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