Korea’s Gone to the Dogs!

I’m always so excited when I find new dog-friendly places, maybe even more excited than Duggie!  We’ve both been lucky enough to come across two new dog cafes.  Duggie’s crazy about Bau House in Hapjeong, but it’s nice to have some variation and meet some new furry friends!


First up, Dogzone in Jamsil!  This place opened really recently, and they offer all the standard dog cafe amenities such as daycare and hotel, as well as training classes.  They also sell dog treats, fancy dog shampoo, and cute dog clothes.  And, like all pet cafes, there’s no entrance fee but you must purchase a beverage (tea, coffee, and soft drinks are available, as well as some snacks like toast and cheesy bread.)  Their drinks are around 6,000 – 8,000 won, which is pretty pricey, but typical for pet cafes.  And anyway, can you really put a price on puppy love?!


It’s a pretty small, open area, and it’s very clean!  You can tell it’s new cuz the chairs and tables haven’t been chewed up yet, eheheh!


The cafe is owned by a super sweet couple, and they have seven of their own dogs which are always there.  They’re also all still puppies!  Most of them are about 8 or 9 months old.


Because they’re so young, they’re pretty rambunctious and love to roughhouse with each other!  It’s super cute and fun to watch, but it can be a bit intimidating to shy dogs.  There is a small, fenced-off area where cautious dogs (and people!) can hang out and relax.  Duggie was pretty hesitant the first time we came here, but we’ve been back many times now, and he gets braver and bolder with each visit, to the point where now he’s chasing the big dogs around and trying to chomp on their tails!

DSC_0411 Dogzone’s resident dogs include a Dachshund, a Shetland Sheepdog (pictured above), a Siberian Husky, an Alaskan Malamute, a Belgian Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, and a Maltese x Pomeranian mix.  Can ya guess who my favorite pup is?!


Well, can ya?


How about now?! ❤  I was crazy about Huskies when I was a kid; I wanted one so badly!  Thankfully, Lucie’s here to give me all her Husky lovin’.  And she loves to play a flirty game of chase with Duggie (which involves her teasing Duggie until he flies around the cafe after her, chasing her under tables and into corners!  It makes the other dogs go nuts, but she loves it!)



Dogzone’s located on the second floor of this building near Sincheon Station (check the bottom of this post for detailed directions.)


You can also follow them on Instagram here!

Second up, Chicu Chicu Cafe in Gangnam!


How had I never heard of this place before?!  It’s freakin’ HUGE, and super fancy (for a dog cafe!)


Seriously, this place is so spacious.  There’s a fenced-in area at the front where small dogs can hang out, a fenced-in clothing boutique, a wide, open area for dogs to run around in, and a massive dog hotel in the back.  Plus, there’s an upstairs area as well, where I’m presuming they have some office space and maybe grooming facilities.


The resident dogs here were so calm and relaxed!  I think it really helps having all that open space, and plenty of cozy corners for dogs to chill out in.



I loved these dog-houses built into the bench seating!  Such a cool idea, and great for shy dogs.


Duggie didn’t have any issues with shyness in here, he really loved it, even though the resident dogs were all way bigger than him!  They had a couple mixed breeds, a few Shetland Sheepdogs, a Samoyed, a British Bulldog, a Golden Retriever, and an Old English Sheepdog.

DSC_0560 DSC_0570Like in Dogzone, the dogs here were very close with each other and loved to play rough (but also loved to snooze and snuggle on each other!)


These two cuties cuddled up on me as soon as I sat down!  AHHH I just wanna hug ALL THE DOGS!!!! ♥♥♥




Don’t worry, Eoin got some love, too.


And Duggie was the life of the party in the small dogs area, though he actually preferred playing with the big boys (and girls!)


This little guy’s tail just would not stop moving!  SO CUTE.


Chicu Chicu Cafe is all about healthy eats, for people and dogs!  Of course, you have to buy a drink, but along with the typical tea, coffee, and soft drinks, they sold fresh fruit juice (as in there were cups of freshly-cut fruit which they blended right in front of you; nice!)  And this is the first dog cafe I’ve seen which sells freshly-made dog food, like these amazing-looking cakes!


And if you really wanna spoil your pooch, why not buy them a swanky new outfit to enjoy that cake in?!  (Seriously, these clothes were expensive…  There was also a glass counter of upscale dog jewelry.  It is in Gangnam, after all!)


This guy decided to snooze on my bag, maybe so we couldn’t leave (not that I wanted to, anyway!)


Not with all these big, wet noses…


…and lovely, fluffy faces!  See you again soon, Chicu Chicu!


The cafe’s located above a parking garage; see detailed directions below!  And check them out on Instagram here!


To Dogzone: Sincheon Station, Exit 4.  Walk straight, turn left at Lotteria, and walk straight for about 5 – 10 minutes.  Dogzone is on the right side of the street, on the second floor.

To Chicu Chicu: Seolleung Station, Exit 7 (10 – 15 minute uphill walk).  Walk straight until reaching Brown Haus cafe at the top of the street.  Turn left, passing Seongjeongnueng Station Exit 4, walk straight, and Chicu Chicu will be on the left.

Seongjeongnueng Station, Exit 4 (5 minute walk).  Walk straight, Chicu Chicu will be on the left.


4 thoughts on “Korea’s Gone to the Dogs!

  1. ermagerd puppies!!! Sunnyne @ Hongdae is also pretty cool. They have a huge great dane as well as golden retriever who retrieves your bill for you on your way out 🙂

    • I’d recommend visiting Bau House in Hapjeong first, then, because their dogs are separated into big and small dog sections, so you walk into an area of tiny cuties like chihuahuas and pomeranians and the big dogs are in the back ^^

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