Sakura in Seoul + Loving Hut Vegan Buffet

UPDATE:  Loving Hut Buffet has closed.

Fall is my favorite season, but I adore Spring in Seoul, for one pink and white reason alone…


For a fleeting two weeks at the end of March and beginning of April, cherry blossom trees begin to bloom all over Seoul and completely transform the landscape.


From a distance, it’s as if clouds of pale cotton candy have settled into the dark branches of trees along every street and stream.  And up close, these star-patterned flowers make me feel like I’m living in an anime, walking underneath canopies of petals.


We’ve been lucky enough during our time in Korea to have lived in close proximity to a stream, purely by coincidence!  Our current stream is the nicest one we’ve encountered in Korea; it’s so clean (in comparison to the others) and the paths are lined by so many gorgeous trees and flowers.  It’s a long walk from our neighborhood to the SM Loving Hut Buffet, but I love it!  Plus, the long walk gives me an excuse to stuff even more food into my face, ahaha~!


The restaurant has a patio with plenty of outdoor seating, so you knowz I’m gonna be spending a whole lotta time here in the summer!  As for the food, it’s all pretty much Korean banchan and soups.  There’s loads to choose from.  I personally love it, but Eoin’s not so keen.  Anyway, I suggest you check it out for yourself~!


I know that soup looks…strange…but it is SO GOOD.  It’s all thick and gooey and sweet and sour and those crunchy vegetables that sorta look like bits of combs (WHAT ARE THEY?!) are SOOOO yummy.  Then there’s kimbap, pajeon, bulgogi, mock chicken, sauteed peanuts, sweet and sour battered mushrooms, tempura pumpkin and sweet potato, mock sushi, and more and more and more!  Oh goodness, I do love buffets.


Like most Loving Huts, they also have a vegan grocery section, where you can buy bread, cookies, cake, mock meats, and plenty of frozen Vegefood products.



Directions: Maebong Station, Exit 4.  Walk straight.  Take the first left and walk straight to the end of the street.  Go up a ramp along a tree-lined path and turn right.  Eventually, turn left to cross a big bridge.  Walk straight, cross a pedestrian crossing, passing Dunkin Donuts on the left.  Walk past Starbucks.  SM Loving Hut Buffet will be on the left, next to a veterinary clinic.


5 thoughts on “Sakura in Seoul + Loving Hut Vegan Buffet

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  2. I *LOVE* your blog and website! You are making planning what I want to see and when so insanely easy! Thanks for documenting your travels so well. Looks like you’ve had a blast! Can’t wait to experience some of these fantastic places for myself.

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