❤ Hongdae’s New Hello Kitty Cafe! ❤

Last month, Hongdae’s iconic bubblegum pink Hello Kitty Cafe moved to a bigger location, which now includes outdoor seating, a gift shop, and a…bedroom (?!)  Check it out!



I visited the old Hello Kitty Cafe a couple of times, but the crowds always made it hard to enjoy, so I was happy to see how huge the new Cafe is!  Even though it was still super busy, it felt nowhere near as packed as the old one did.


It’s more like a Hello Kitty house than a Cafe, really!


You can enter the gift shop without having to go through the Cafe, too.



The gift shop sells Korean-themed Kitty merch, as well as special Cafe-branded items.


The Cafe has so many cute little nooks and crannies spaced out over two floors.


Everything’s covered in the most perfect shade of bubblegum pink!  There were also adorable little Hello Kitty-shaped oil diffusers spread out around the Cafe (which is super cuz the old Cafe tended to smell kinda bad…)


Classy and cute all at the same time!



Care to spend nearly $500 on a ginormous Hello Kitty plushie?!


We decided to sit upstairs in these squishy Hello Kitty armchairs (which unfortunately weren’t for sale…)


Seriously, I love how much attention to detail was put into this place; it’s just plain perfect!


There’s also a Hello Kitty bedroom (though I think I’d be pretty disturbed if I saw people actually sleeping in here…)



As for the cafe itself, you can buy the cutest pink drinks, sundaes, and cakes (as well as meals like salads and hot dogs.)  I just grabbed a lemonade, but stopped to admire the Kitty-shaped cakes.



Prices here are pretty steep, though!  (11,000 for a little cake?!  Sure, it’s freakin’ adorable, but c’mon…)


All this bright pink decor is difficult to miss, but check the bottom of this post for detailed directions~!

Don’t forget to check out the other Hello Kitty Cafe locations, too!  I’ve never been to the Myeongdong or Jeju ones, but here’s a link to my post on the Sinchon Cafe!


Hongik University Station, Exit 9.  Walk straight, cross at the crosswalk, and walk up past Forever 21.  Turn right at Tony Moly cosmetics shop and walk straight.  Turn left at Snow Spoon frozen yogurt (Around the Corner clothes and accessories shop will be across the road.)


9 thoughts on “❤ Hongdae’s New Hello Kitty Cafe! ❤

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  2. Thank you for your awesome post. I was looking for this particular cafe (on Google unfortunately the old locations still come up and the cabbie did take me to a defunct location), without your help and directions I would not have been able to find this super cute cafe! I have also been to the one over by myeong-done (face mask capital of the world). Besides the one on Jeju Island are there any others you are aware of?

  3. hi..trying to locate this thru google map street view but i can’t see it on the location google map is showing. i see other establishments like tee cat, kohs and big mama ppippi. is the cafe near those establishments?

    • Hiya, hmmm I’m not familiar with any of the places you’ve mentioned. There’s a Snow Spoon frozen yogurt store on the corner of the street, and an acai berry shop next to the cafe. Hope that helps!! ^^

  4. Hello,

    Wow! The new hello kitty cafe looks so much bigger and better! Btw, the map picture on your post are the directions to the myeongdong branch instead of the one in hongdae.

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