Seoul Vegan Flea Market + CARE Coexistence Cafe Revisited

UPDATE [September 19, 2015]: Mimi & Kelly’s has closed, and CARE Coexistence Cafe has changed their menu (for the better!)  Check out my updated post here ^^

I can’t believe how often we eat out nowadays!  It’s nice cuz there are so many sweet spots for vegan food in Seoul, but it’s not really helping my efforts to save money…  I guess that was the one pro about living in Ulsan: we ate in just about every day, and I was definitely cooking a lot more…like, A LOT more.  Oh well.

Last weekend, we attended our first Vegan Flea Market, hosted by VOTU (Vegan Community) and held in the cute vegan cafe Mimi & Kelly’s in Insadong!


This was VOTU’s 3rd Vegan Flea Market; it was such a nice idea, and I was totally surprised by the huge amounts of people who turned up!  We arrived nearly an hour after the Market had opened, but loads of stuff had already sold out.  I still managed to grab a few goodies


Guilt Free Bakery had sold out of everything aside from their muffins!  I grabbed a Pumpkin Fig and a Banana Chocolate one.  They were pretty pricey, but deeelicious!  You can check out their website –> here <–


These raw, vegan ‘macarons’ were so cute!  I grabbed a couple strawberry and green tea-flavored ones.  The taste wasn’t too strong, they really tasted more like coconut than anything else, but they were a nice little healthy treat.  These were made by Oregon Girl’s Raw Veggie House; you can check out her website –> here <–


Some more handmade goodies.  We also grabbed some funky-flavored chocolates from The Vegan Shop‘s table (pumpkin spice, lavender, and hazelnut butter!)  The Market was a lot smaller than I’d been expecting, but hopefully there will be a bigger one next year!  I think there’s definitely the demand for it.  And I can’t wait to get back to Insadong and spend some time in Mimi & Kelly’s minus the crowds of people!

Onwards to Dapsimni, where CARE’s Coexistence Cafe has had a recent makeover!


It looks more posh now, like a proper artsy cafe.



Unfortunately, the menu got a makeover as well.  I used to love how cheap this place was, but now it’s pretty pricey, and they’ve removed the ‘snack’ items such as tteokbokki and ramen.


Eoin got a burger set and a blueberry smoothie.  It looked impressive, but the fries tasted really soggy, like they’d been microwaved.  Sad face.  My mushroom cream pasta wasn’t very nice, either: pretty bland and with hardly any veggies.  Double sad face!


One of my favorite things about Coexistence Cafe was how dog-friendly it was.  There always used to be dogs laying around on the floor and seats, and Duggie loved their fenced-in garden seating area.  However, that’s all changed!  The garden area was closed when we visited, and there’s now a designated pet room.  The pet room seems like a good idea in theory, but there aren’t any windows in there, and all we could hear was dogs barking like nuts.  Not really a relaxing place to enjoy a meal in your pooch’s company.  There were loads of dogs there when we went, though; it actually felt more like a dog cafe than a dog-friendly cafe.  I suspect their reason for making a designated dog room might have to do with irresponsible dog-owners or customer complaints, though, cuz while we were eating our food (in the main, non-dog area), a passing shih tzu did a MASSIVE pee on the floor, and her owners just walked right on by, leaving one of the kitchen employees to run over and mop it up with handfuls of paper towels.

Coexistence Cafe still makes tasty handmade pies and cakes, but considering their new prices, I’d rather just go to PLANT for way yummier food and a more peaceful eating environment.  I’ll check back again in a few months to see if anything’s changed.  Boohoo!


3 thoughts on “Seoul Vegan Flea Market + CARE Coexistence Cafe Revisited

  1. Dar Amanda, Love your blog ! I’m wondering why so many signs etc. are written in English ? Do all Koreans speak English ?? Will write more soon but must go back to work on my nasty taxes. HAPPY EASTER !!!!! LOVE TO YOU & EOIN, Raggy

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