Table A Cat Cafe in Sinchon

Are cat cafes even quirky anymore?  They’re so standard in Seoul now that I hardly ever bat an eyelash at ’em.  Anyhoo, when we first moved to Korea, I was so excited by the thought of feline-filled cafes, but after my first visit to one in Busan I left with a wounded thumb and vowed NEVER AGAIN!  (You can revisit my catastrophic experience here.)  However, Table A cat cafe in Sinchon recently lured me into its cat-covered confines and totally changed my mind.  I mean, could you resist this face?!


I remember first encountering Scottish Folds via Japanese YouTube videos in college.  How could a cat that adorable actually exist?!  Those huge, saucer eyes and tiny, folded ears.  SQUEEE.  This guy was the reason I decided to face my fears of cat cafes, and he was totally worth it.  Just a big, snuggly hunk of kitty cat love.


Table A doesn’t really give off the touristy “CAT CAFE!!” vibe like the ones in Myeongdong and Hongdae do.  It’s not super clearly marked as a cat cafe; I’d actually walked past it multiple times without even noticing its furry residents.  It’s more like a regular cafe that just happens to have cats in it.  Their drinks menu is very extensive, much more so than regular pet cafes, and there were people sitting around inside on their laptops and reading books, seemingly oblivious to the litter trays and water bowls scattered around the place.


The Table A gang.

I also liked how the place wasn’t stuffed full of cats.  There seemed to be a decent ratio between the amount of space and the number of cats.  Cuz if there’s one thing I know about cats, they need their personal space.  I think this was a big problem with that cafe I visited in Busan: there were just way too many cats, which resulted in a lot of short tempers and ruffled fur.


The cats were perched around the place in boxes, on shelves, and on the floor in cat beds.  They were all really chill and seemed totally content with having a stream of people coming in and out of their domain.


A super sweet old guy in a sweater and…OMIGOD…A REAL LIFE MUNCHKIN CAT, YES!!!


I saw a documentary about Munchkin cats once, but never thought I’d ever be lucky enough to encounter one in person.  It’s hard to appreciate its munchkin-ness through these photos, but, trust me, it was freakin’ adorable, scuttling around the place like a feline dachshund, yet still able to leap up onto tables with all the ease and grace of a leggier cat.

DSC_0077Those tiny little feetsies!


Customer doodles clipped onto the wall.


I would love Table A a little bit more if it was filled with rescued cats, but at least their kitties seemed well-loved and looked after.


Anyway, if you’re looking for the cat cafe experience in Seoul without the touristy tackiness and crowds, you should check Table A out!

Directions: Sinchon Station, Exit 8.  Walk straight, turn left at Nonghyup Bank.  Caffe Bene will be across the street.  Walk past a huge church, with The Bread Blue vegan cafe on the left and Sweet Roll cafe on the right.  Turn right at Mary Kate bakery on the left.  Walk straight past Peter Cat cafe on the left.  Table A will be further up the street, on the right, across from Tango dance studio.


3 thoughts on “Table A Cat Cafe in Sinchon

  1. No, I couldn’t resist that face with those funny ears ! Amazing, but a cat cafe is opening soon on P. st. in Georgetown ! I will find it and send a report to you. Am trying to get the bloody taxes finished. In Haste but with LOVE, Raggy

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