A New Start in Seoul + New Vegan Eats!

Welp, we’ve been living in our new place in Seoul for about a month now, so this post is way overdue!  There have been hard times, happy times, and lots and lots of nommy food.  Luckily (sort of?) our hagwon director felt guilty about selling his school and prematurely cancelling our contracts, so he helped us find our new place in Seoul, set up our internet, and organized our moving truck.  So, settling in was easy enough.  It is SO nice living on the Green Line, like, holy shmoly, no more two hour journeys to Hongdae!  Our new neighborhood is pretty darn funky, too.



Big, fat feral cats.

Our new place is small, but very new, clean, and reasonably-priced.  And of course it’s filled top to bottom with PINK STUFF!


Fun fact: we actually got nearly all of our furniture out of the trash outside our old officetel, and our bed’s from a recycled furniture place!


It’s SO GOOD having so much kitchen space.  It was nuts how many places we looked at that didn’t come with cookers, washing machines, or fridges, so we were super lucky that was all included in this place!  Especially since this is probably going to be our last year in Korea…(Japan, you’re next!)

So, for our past two years in Korea, Eoin and I have worked together in couple positions.  Recruiters will lead you to believe that couple positions are virtually non-existent, but, THEY’RE NOT!  Don’t listen to recruiters.  Couple positions are quite easy to come by in certain areas of Korea, especially in Bundang and Daegu this year.  But, as for central Seoul, we had a really, REALLY hard time finding a couple position that would accept a UK national.  Seoul is all about North American teachers, for the most part.  So, we decided to take a risk and accepted separate positions working for different schools within the same company.  …Well, my job is mind-meltingly hard, and Eoin’s job sounds so easy it’s ridiculous.  But, at least we have the same holidays!  And with the stress of my job, I’m gonna need all the holidays I can get…

Anyway, I’m trying to focus on the positives, like how easy it is to go out for meals now!  Here are a couple new, veg-friendly finds:

Khajuraho Indian Cuisine, Hongdae

—> w e b s i t e <—


Crispy, spicy, fresh veggie pakoras.  Oh, yes.  Indian food in Korea can be seriously overpriced and pretty myeh, but Khajuraho in Hongdae is delicious, reasonably-priced, and very vegan-friendly!


We’ve been here twice now; on our first visit, we told our server that we were vegan and she was very accommodating, pointing out all of the suitable dishes on the menu.  She remembered us on our second visit and made sure that there would be no milk or cream in our food, yay for friendly service!  My favorite curry is that coconut and eggplant ‘Vahara Vegan’ dish.  We’ve also had the Chana Masala (chickpea-based curry) and Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potato-based curry) which were yummy but SO, SO SPICY!  I guess the only downside about this place is that the only bread they serve is naan (which isn’t vegan-friendly.)

But those pakoras, oh man…


I’m so tempted to lick my laptop screen right now.

The interior is pretty swanky, too, definitely a good date restaurant.


Khajuraho is located on the 2nd floor of a pretty nondescript building, so keep an eye out for their banner:


Another new find with veg-friendly options:

Gusto Taco, Sangsu

—> w e b s i t e <—


No lie, these were the tastiest tacos I’ve ever had ANYWHERE.  We tried the veggie ones and the tofu ones…and then got second helpings of the tofu ones cuz they were ah-may-zzzzing!  I’m not exactly sure how they prepared the tofu, but it was so chewy and flavorful, I really can’t recommend it enough!


And then we got a big ol’ bowl of nachos, too!  Of course, these would’ve been better with more sauce on them, but I’m not a fussy eater, I’m happy to eat anywhere that provides cheese-free options!  We also got a few side dishes of guacamole (3,000 won per dish.)


The interior’s pretty small but still super relaxed, airy, and comfortable.  I can see us spending a whole lotta time here when summer comes ’round…


But now, of course, it’s just the beginning of spring, which in Korea means…dun dun DUNNNN…YELLOW DUST SEASON.  So, I’ll be holding off on drinking and dining outside as much as I possibly can, until it’s finally safe to go out without wearing a ridiculous face mask…

More adventures to come soon~!


11 thoughts on “A New Start in Seoul + New Vegan Eats!

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  3. Love the grafiti! Very cool and actually looks decent haha. Which area do you live? Am still planning on visiting and am looking up places to visit. And reading your blog has made me decide to also visit Ulsan for the hiking area haha. Unless you know of some beter options?

    • I live near Gangnam, but my fave street art areas are actually in Sangsu (near Hongdae / Sinchon.) I’d recommend visiting Busan rather than Ulsan (though they’re very close to each other.) Busan has a subway so it’s much easier to get around, and there’s a nice hiking trail along Haeundae Beach. There’s also an amazing seaside Buddhist temple called Haedung Yonggungsa ^^

      • Alright! Will check it out! Was also planning to visit Busan and go to Fukuoka from there by ferry 😉 Any other places to recommend in Korea? Stuff I won’t find easily online but are still really cool?

      • Gyeongju is worth visiting if you’re interested in historical sites. As far as slightly lesser-known areas, definitely check out Sangsu and Garosu-gil (and the funky side streets around it) in Seoul. Both areas are good for food and shopping, and they’re not quite as touristy and packed as Myeongdong and Insadong (which are still worth visiting, but they’re usually super crowded) ^^

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