Cafe Sukara: Vegan-Friendly Cafe in Seoul

I’ve mentioned Cafe Sukara in multiple posts on this blog, and even though I’ve enjoyed their scrumptious meals, drinks, and desserts on countless occasions, I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a review with directions and menu photos.  So, here we go!

DSC_0067 (2)

Usually, if I eat or drink the same thing over and over again, I get completely sick of it and never wanna see it again in my life.  It’s a pretty annoying habit.  Anyway, I’ve had this bread, soup, and salad meal from Cafe Sukara so many times now I can’t even recall them, but I still love it and savor every last crumb of it.  Surely that’s gotta be a good sign!

DSC_0068 (3)

Cafe Sukara sources local, organic, seasonal produce, so their menu changes every few months or so.  However, this plate always remains on the menu.  It’s like a trusty old friend.  And they’ll even make it for you during break hours and after dinner hours!  It includes a heap of crunchy, tangy salad, a bowl of pickles, spicy chickpea salad, oaty rye bread, crunchy fig and walnut bread, a generous blob of herby spread, and a steaming bowl of creamy veggie soup.

Cafe Sukara Menu


Also worth mentioning: Cafe Sukara is not a vegan or even vegetarian restaurant, but they definitely cater to vegans in all areas of their menu.  So, if you’re a vegan with carnivorous or dairy-loving friends or relatives visiting, I cannot recommend this place enough!

Here’s one of their seasonal meals we tried recently (it’s a phone photo, so sorry for the weird size and quality!):


Hearty lotus root patties in a green chilli and miso sauce, spicy lemongrass soup, pickled carrot salad, simmered pumpkin wedges, and brown rice with crushed black sesame seeds.

Cafe Sukara Menu

Cafe Sukara Menu

DSC_0063 (4)

I realize that this chai latte just looks like a bowl of brown water, but it was super spicy and just a tad sweet.  We’ve also recently tried their hot apple cider, which tasted just like the stuff I grew up on in America, complete with a whole cinnamon stick.  Apples are crazy expensive in Korea, though, so we didn’t get a whole lot and it was pretty pricey (around 6,500 won for a little over half a mug?)  Their organic soy hot chocolates are SOOOO good.  And you can’t go wrong with their alcoholic beverages.  We’ve had hot plum wine, various mojitos, sparkling raspberry champagne cocktails, homemade ginger ale shandies, and they’ve all been exceptional.

DSC_0090 (3)

I also love Cafe Sukara’s all-around ambiance.  It’s just so relaxed and cozy, regardless of how busy it is.  The open kitchen, low seats, and dim lighting make it feel like you’re walking into a friend’s home for dinner.  All of the ingredients and cooking utensils are laid out for you to see, and the staff are always so calm and pleasant.  You can honestly tell that so much love and care goes into the food here (I know that sounds stupidly corny, but it’s true!)

DSC_0077 (3)

DSC_0082 (3)

Those wide glass windows were open during summer and early autumn; there are a few tables outside as well.


So many books, pieces of art, and endless jars of homemade pickles and preserves.


It’s by no means a flashy cafe.  There isn’t even a sign out front!  Just keep an eye out for those big, teal doors.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

As I mentioned earlier, you can still get some stuff off of the menu, like bread and soup, during break hours and after dinner.  The staff have always made an effort to accommodate us regardless of what time we’ve shown up at.  So, go ahead and try it and let me know if you love it!


(This route takes approximately 20 minutes on foot.)

Hongik University Station, Exit 9.  Walk straight out of the station.  Turn left across from Forever 21 and walk straight up the main street leading towards the University.  You’ll pass H&M on your left.  Turn left at the top of the street, passing Hana Bank.  Walk straight.  Eventually, Cafe Sukara will appear on your left.  Pattern Ethiopia cafe is directly across the street.

For more posts about Cafe Sukara, click: here and here!


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