The Bread Blue: Vegan Bakery in Sinchon

So, I recently learned that Veggieholic vegan bakery in Hongdae closed down, which of course made me super duper sad!  Luckily, the owner has a opened a new shop in a new location (and with a new name) in Sinchon! Veggieholic was in a pretty random, residential location in Hongdae, and the Bread Blue is still in a kinda random spot on down the road in Sinchon.  We happened upon it completely by accident a couple weeks ago, and it’s definitely not the easiest place to find, but after you’ve visited it once you’ll easily remember your way back.  No worries for the directionally-challenged; I’ve included detailed directions at the bottom of this post! DSC_0099 The Bread Blue’s location is much more open and brighter than Veggieholic was.  The selection of baked treats is about the same, though they’ve added some amazing looking party cakes and cream-filled pastries to the fridge.  And the drinks menu has been totally redone and expanded. DSC_0116 You can choose from lattes and espressos to teas, ades, smoothies, and shakes.  We grabbed a couple hot Green Mint Chocolate lattes to go; they basically tasted like melted, frothy mint chocolate chip ice cream (that’s not a complaint!) DSC_0108 There’s wayyy more seating now, too!  Those stairs wind down to a whole other seating section, though I guess it’s only opened up when the ground floor seating is full. DSC_0099 Breads, glorious breads~!  Vegans and dairy / egg-allergy sufferers rejoice!  The Bread Blue has got all your bready needs covered.  Sandwich bread, crusty bread, fruity bread, nutty bread…(though I always head straight for the pastries and cakes…) DSC_0101 All of the products are clearly labeled in English and Korean. DSC_0112 (3) Green melon buns and cheesey bread boats! DSC_0105 Chocolate-dipped strawberries, too!  There were also these insane-looking ‘Strawberry Monsters’ in the fridge.  They looked like two massive cream puffs with a generous blob of bright pink strawberry cream sandwiched in the middle…and a cute little strawberry with a chocolate face on top!  You know I’m gonna havta go back and grab one (or two) soon… DSC_0110 (2) And pretzels!  Looking at these photos is really making me regret not buying way more stuff. 2014-11-23-16-16-32_deco Here’s the ‘Blueberry Sandwich’ and chocolate nut pastry I came home with.  Blueberry sandwiches forever and ever puh-leeeze!  Two slabs of shortbready cake with loads of blueberry jam smooshed in the middle.  Om nom nom.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 8 am – 11 pm.  Sunday 8 am – 10 pm.


  • (This route is approximately a 5 minute walk.)  Sinchon Station, Exit 8.  Walk straight out of the station.  Turn left at Nonghyup Bank.  Caffe Bene will be across the street.  Walk straight past a huge church, and The Bread Blue will be on the corner, across from Sweet Roll Cafe.
  • (This route is approximately a 30 minute walk.) Hongik University Station, Exit 9.  Walk straight out of the exit and turn left across from Forever 21.  Walk straight up the Hongik University street, passing H&M on the left.  Turn left at the top of the street, passing Hana Bank.  Walk straight, eventually coming to a crosswalk just beside Cafe Sukara.  Cross the crosswalk, veering right past a red brick bbq restaurant.  Walk downhill past Gongcha on the right.  Walk straight.  Continue past a grassy area (looks like wheat?)  Turn left at the end of the street, passing Salon Nomad and Mary Kate bakery.  The Bread Blue will be right in front of you!


12 thoughts on “The Bread Blue: Vegan Bakery in Sinchon

    • It’s awesome! Great alternative to Paris Baguette and Tous les Jours. It’s closer to Sinchon station than Hongik Uni, but I’m not sure of the directions from there. I’m sure your bf will have an easier time finding it ^^

  1. Great post Amanda, glad you found The Bread Blue! So how do they make such yummy looking baked goods without butter and eggs? And do they taste as good as they look?

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  3. I can’t wait to go to Korea and try out all these vegan places. Love what you are doing and that you’ve created a blog for this! I found out about this place on Instagram and when I googled it, your blog popped up. Do you have an Instagram account we can follow?

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