Dog-Friendly Bundang Central Park

Okay, so I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of Korean parks, but Bundang Central Park is pretty darn swell.  Yeah, it’s not really in Seoul, but it’s so nice that I really think it’s worth the trek!

DSC_0022 (2)

My biggest qualm with Korean parks is the general lack of trees and the overwhelming abundance of wide, paved surfaces, but Bundang Central Park has lots of lovely trees, hiking trails, a pond, fancy-lookin’ pagodas, AND a dog park.  It’s by far the best park I’ve found over here!  (See the bottom of this post for detailed directions.)

DSC_0028 (2)

The central point of the park is this big pond, complete with fountain shows!

DSC_0026 (3)

Overlooking the pond is Youngjangsan mountain, which is easily accessible from many hiking trails all over the park.

DSC_0060 (3)

Beyond those big red gates are old burial mounds and grave marker statues.

DSC_0024 (2)

There’s also a cute little traditional Korean house (which seems to be where all the old dudes like to meet up and hang out.)

DSC_0020 (3)

Ready to check out the rest of the park, Duggie?!  Of course you are!


The paths around the park are just wide enough, with plenty of trees on either side.  There’s a small stream running down alongside the paths, too.

DSC_0008 (2)

There are a number of traditional-style pavilions and pagodas around the park.

DSC_0007 (2)

Of course, the park is especially nice now, with all of the leaves changing.  UGH I LOVE AUTUMN SO MUCH.


Seriously.  Am I a weirdo for loving leaves this much?!


Last year, in Ulsan, the weather pretty much went from stinky hot to butt-freeze cold overnight in November, so getting to experience a long, colorful Autumn is making me so happy.  I wish I could live in some alternate universe where it was just endlessly Autumn and everything smelt like cinnamon

DSC_0045 (2)

There are lots of little paths and bridges winding all over the park, with plenty of pretty ornamental maple trees, rocks, and statues.  This guy’s face kinda weirded me out, but, whatever.


DSC_0055 (2)

Duggie really wanted to take a photo next to this guy, so we let him.  You’re so silly, Duggie.


We didn’t hike all the way up Youngjangsan, but we did make it up to the top of the burial mounds.

DSC_0183 (2)

Unfortunately I have no idea how old these mounds are, or if anyone’s even buried underneath them, but they’re still impressive to look at.

And on the way down the mountain, super silly Duggie decided it would be great to take a poop RIGHT ON TOP OF A TREE STUMP.  (I didn’t take a photo of that, don’t worry.)  I dunno.  Sometimes I really don’t understand his sense of humor.  (Of course we didn’t leave the poop there.)

Anyway, as much as I enjoyed the park and all the pretty Fall foliage, Duggie’s favorite part was the DOG PARK!!  It’s located at the edge of the park, closer to Seohyeon Station.


I’ll post detailed directions to the park at the bottom of this post, but it’s hidden away just across from this bus stop.



And here it is!  No, it doesn’t look like much, but don’t be deterred!  Basically, the Bundang City Council threw together this dog park at the request of local dog-walkers.  It’s a big circle of mesh with two gates (though the inside one doesn’t lock properly, so take care when entering and exiting.)  The park was designed with small dogs in mind, as the fencing is pretty low and flimsy.  I’m guessing that it’s open all the time, since there aren’t any park employees operating it.

DSC_0064 (4)

We’ve been here three times now, and there have always been at least two other dogs around (though of course it’s better when there are loads of pups!)

DSC_0097 (2)

Most of the people who come here seem to know each other, so all of the dogs get along pretty well.  We’ve never had any bad experiences here!

DSC_0093 (2)

Duggie even got himself a girlfriend!  Super cute little Setchi.

DSC_0072 (2)

And this little cutie patootie is Becki (who was so wiggly, his mom had to hold him up to get his photo taken.)



Lots and lots of pampered pooches!

DSC_0246 (2)




Duggie’s favorite things to do at the park are (in no particular order:)


Making (and chasing) new friends…


Sniffin’ the ground…


Sniffin’ butts…


And just standing around looking cute.


To the Dog Park: Seohyeon Station, Exit 3.  Come out of Gate 6 of AK Plaza.  Walk straight down the shopping street, staying on the right-hand side.  Cross at the pedestrian crossing towards NH Bank.  Continue past the bank and cross the big pedestrian crossing.  Turn left at the open grass area and walk straight.  Cross another big pedestrian crossing and turn right.  The dog park is on the left, across from a bus stop.

To Bundang Central Park: Walk past the dog park and you’ll find an entrance to the park on the left!




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