Vegan Eats and Treats in Seoul: March Rabbit, Slunch Factory, and PLANT

Today is Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, so all of Seoul’s tasty restaurants, cafes, and bars are closed as staff and owners return to their ancestral homes to pay respects to their ancestors and indulge in traditional Korean feasts.  Meanwhile, we’re holed up in our tiny apartment.  Luckily, we spent the past few weekends indulging in all kinds of yummy vegan treats, including a couple of new surprises!


Green and tasty ‘Vegan Rabbit Salad’ at March Rabbit, Sinsa-dong!

March Rabbit | Sinsa-dong

I can’t believe I’d never been here before, considering that I go to Sinsa-dong and Apgujeong pretty regularly, since they’re pretty close!  March Rabbit isn’t a vegan or even vegetarian restaurant, but they do have vegan options, and a big, clear menu (in English!)


March Rabbit is definitely into promoting a healthy, veggie-centered lifestyle with their salad-heavy menu.  The building, though a bit tricky to find, is hard to miss with that bright yellow and green paint job.  Don’t worry: I’ve included detailed directions at the bottom of this post!

March Rabbit Menu

There’s only one vegan dish on the menu (the Vegan Rabbit Salad,) but there’s also the option to create your own salad from scratch, if ya fancy something different.  Their signature dishes include waffle sandwiches and pizzas, which just sound and look amazing.  I never had the chance to try savory waffles before becoming vegan, so I’d totally love to try these.  Please make vegan options, please!!


The bright green furniture and wide windows really make the interior feel super funky and laid back, even when it’s super busy.  There’s also a small outdoor seating area.


The Vegan Rabbit Salad: a fresh and crunchy salad with cherry tomatoes and red onions, a lentil salad, barley salad, a scoop of green hummus, and a slab of baked tofu.  I am not a salad person, but I love this plate, especially the hummus!


I can’t resist hibiscus drinks   The hibiscus tea here is soooo good, a teensy bit bitter and not too sweet.  The hibiscus lemonade was disappointing, though; I was expecting lemonade in the American sense, but it turned out to be UK-style lemonade (basically Sprite with a splash of hibiscus tea thrown in.)  Way too sweet.


The outdoor seating here is very minimal, maybe like three or four tables, but it’s dog-friendly!



Another veg-friendly spot that’s been around for a while, but was news to me, is Slunch Factory in Sansgu (near Hongdae.)

Slunch Factory | Sangsu


Slunch Factory is, similar to Cafe Sukkara and Slobbie in Hongda, an omni restaurant with a strong focus on veggie and vegan dishes.  There were around 6 vegan dishes on Slunch Factory’s menu, not including the three or four vegan cakes!  The ingredients are pretty simple, and everything’s clearly labeled in English and Korean.  We weren’t too hungry, so we decided to share the Eggplant over Rice dish, along with a couple glasses of fruity white wine sangria.


There was a really chillaxed, bohemian vibe in here.  It’s a great place to chill out with a few drinks.



The Eggplant over Rice.  It was fine; nothing special, really: just squishy chunks of soft tofu stir-fried with cubes of eggplant.  I think they’d sprinkled paprika over it, which was a new and pleasing flavor combo for me.  It was served with a little pile of purple rice, some pickles, and a very old salad (some of the corners of the leaves had actually turned black, bleugh.)  This dish wasn’t that cheap (around 9 dollars), so I wouldn’t pay for it again when I can get much better meals for a few dollars more at Cafe Sukkara and Slobbie, but I’d like to come back here to try the vegan cakes.  And our drinks were pretty good.


I really liked the interior in here, though.  Love those big windows!


Slunch Factory isn’t clearly marked, but check out the bottom of this post for detailed directions, and keep an eye out for this red brick building and the little garden of potted plants.


This was my first time walking around Sangsu in the daytime, and I really loved it!  There’s so much funky street art and quirky little shops, bars, and cafes in this area, and it’s much quieter and less crowded than Hongdae and Sinchon.

Of course, no weekend’s complete without a visit or two to PLANT in Itaewon!  Gotta get my cake fix.

PLANT | Itaewon

DSC_0012 (2)

We were super lucky on our last couple visits to PLANT and managed to get seats!  I can’t believe how much this place has grown over the past few months!  There’s a complete staff of about three or four girls working here now, and service has become so speedy (not that I ever minded waiting!)  If I could buy takeaway jugs of these iced soy chai tea lattes, I so totally would.  They are the yummiest


We usually just come here for the cakes, but the lunches are good, too.  These chickpea grilled cheese sammiches were total comfort food.  I meant to ask where the bread was from but I totally forgot.  It was super good, crusty and chewy at the same time.


Chocolate Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Gingerbread cakes.  The Chocolate Peanut Butter used to be my fave, but now the Gingerbread Pumpkin is totally my top choice.  Maybe cuz Autumn’s in the air.  The frosting is freckled with crunchy bits of gingerbread, and it tasted like there was a sweet compote with flecks of fresh ginger in between the layers of cake.


Inside-Out Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (it was good, but I prefer it with the chocolate frosting on top), Carrot Cake, and another slab of Pumpkin Gingerbread cake.  Om nom nom.


We also stopped by Veggieholic vegan bakery in Hongdae (check out my post about it here) only to find WHOLEGRAIN BREAD!  I had no idea they made it, so I bought all three loaves; so excited!  I also grabbed one of their mouth-watering cinnamon almond streusels.  We had the apple variety last time, which was fantastic; this time I (accidentally) grabbed the sweet potato one…not so fantastic.  I’ve been picking out the potato chunks and just eating the bready stuff.  Oh well!


March Rabbit | Sinsa-dong:

Sinsa Station, Exit 8.  Come out of the station and walk straight for about 200 meters.  Turn left at Missha cosmetics store and walk straight down the street.  Turn right at Hollister and cross the street.  Walk past Wonderbra, and turn right at Smile Market.  Walk straight.  March Rabbit is the big yellow and green building on the right, across from GS25.

March Rabbit Directions

March Rabbit Directions

Slunch Factory | Sangsu:

Sangsu Station, Exit 3.  Come out of the station and turn around.  Walk straight and turn right at GS25 (there’s a huge ‘This Is Ch!cken’ restaurant across the road.)  Walk straight.  Pass Yri Cafe on the left.  Slunch Factory is on the right, in a big, red brick building.

PLANT | Itaewon:

Itaewon Station, Exit 4.  Come out of the station and walk straight.  There will be a shoe store with a black and white sign (used to be a Converse outlet) on the left.  Turn left immediately after the shoe store, down steps to a small alley.  Keep walking straight, cross a road, walk straight past a makgeolli bar on the right, and PLANT will be around the corner on the right.


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  2. Hi Amanda!!! I haven’t read your post in a while- I had no idea your boss had given you such a thoughtful Christmas present!! Damn him. Have you found new work???
    Love your photos and prose….

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