Studio Ghibli Exhibit at I’Park Mall, Seoul!

This is pretty old news now, but I’Park Mall is currently hosting a Studio Ghibli exhibit featuring life-size displays of some of their best known films, and it’s preeeetty darn awesome!  We went a couple weekends ago, and despite the long waits and queues of people, it was totally magical and one hundred percent worth it! ❤


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Loving Hut Thien Dang: Vegan Vietnamese Food in Seoul!

UPDATE: Loving Hut Thien Dang has closed.

Even though there are loads of Loving Hut vegan restaurants all over Seoul, they mostly serve the same stuff: Korean stews, pizzas, breaded cutlets…basic comfort food, really!  Thien Dang Loving Hut in Namseong is the first one I’ve found that actually specializes in one cuisine, in this case, Vietnamese food!

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Vegan Eats and Treats in Seoul: March Rabbit, Slunch Factory, and PLANT

Today is Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, so all of Seoul’s tasty restaurants, cafes, and bars are closed as staff and owners return to their ancestral homes to pay respects to their ancestors and indulge in traditional Korean feasts.  Meanwhile, we’re holed up in our tiny apartment.  Luckily, we spent the past few weekends indulging in all kinds of yummy vegan treats, including a couple of new surprises!


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