Cute and Quirky Shopping at 1300k

UPDATED: November 2014.  I updated the directions, since TGIFriday’s is gone and Forever 21 has opened!  Also, 1300k seems to have stopped carrying Hello Kitty merchandise, so check out the Sanrio Gift Gate instead!

This post is dedicated to my all-time fave shop in Hongdae for everything cute and quirky: 1300k!  (Just don’t ask me how to pronounce it!  ‘Book’, ’13-ook’?  Your guess is as good as mine!)

1300k used to be a two-floor building around the corner from the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, stocked full of stationery, toys, souvenirs, and other funky bits and pieces.  Then one day it just disappeared and I was so super duper sad.  THANKFULLY it recently reappeared as not one, not two, but THREE new stores!  The original location (pictured above) has been reopened as a basement level ‘Kiddult’ branch, filled with Hello Kitty, Gundam, and Studio Ghibli paraphernalia.

When you step into the entrance to the building (there’s a huge Coffee Bean upstairs and 1300k is downstairs), you’ll be greeted by some big glass display cabinets housing all kinds of cuties.  SO MANY PONYOS.

This place also has the biggest Hello Kitty selection I’ve seen anywhere in Korea!  So head on downstairs and be prepared to start squealing like a sugar-high five-year-old (as I did – and still do – each time we come here.)

TOO MUCH KITTY TO FIT INTO ONE PICTURE!  I know the yucky grey floors and exposed ceiling fixtures kind of clash with all the cutie pinkness, but, just focus on the merchandise rather than the store itself.

You can find Hello Kitty merchandise in stationery shops and gift shops around Korea, but usually the selection is pretty minimal and can be overpriced.  1300k is definitely the best place to find Hello Kitty merch in Seoul; they mostly sell stuff that has been made for sale in Korea, but I think there are some Japanese items as well.

Shiny shiny sticker packs ♥

As you can see they were still unpacking merchandise the last time we visited.  There’s also a long wall full of Japanese mystery toy box figurines (y’know, like you choose a box and it could contain one of ten toys.)

There’s also a huuuuge Studio Ghibli section!

13ook Kiddult


The next two stores are a pretty short and straight walk away (please see the bottom of this post for detailed directions).

This big fella is the 1300k ‘Antennae’ store, with four floors of funky stuff!

The ground floor is full of collectible figurines like Kinki Robot, Frank Kozik Labbits, Be@rbricks, and more.

So many Rilakkuma Be@rbricks!

All the little Domo-kuns ♥

Baby Labbits!


The basement level here has a big Lazy Oaf section (pretty rare to see in Korea!), Jump From Paper 2D bags, funky espadrilles, backpacks, and more.

WAHH I love Lazy Oaf’s new Garfield collaboration so much!  So expensive though.

There’s also this groovy little mock workshop area in the basement, filled with all kinds of vintage-looking nick nacks and framed adverts and pages from storybooks.

Head on upstairs and you’ll find…

A WHOLE FREAKIN’ WALL OF UGLY DOLLS!  I always used to buy these guys during summer vacation at the beach.  They were piled up in the windows of Candy Kitchen so they smelled so sweet ♥

HELLO KITTY UGLY DOLLS WAHHH?!  OX was my first Ugly Doll, so I picked up that OX Kitty and carried it around with me for a while *sniffle*  Wantwantwant.

This guy made me giggle.


Cute magnets, too!

There’s also some stationery on this floor.  Then the very top floor is dedicated to mini skateboards (which seem to be used more as a fashion accessory than an actual skateboard over here.)

1300k Antenna


Then, the final 1300k is located just down the street from here, and is mostly dedicated to stationery.

Keep an eye out for this minty green and white building.

Stacks, boxes, and crates of stationery everywhere!  Heaven!

Cute pop-up cards.

Yucky fish notepads.  Who would want these?!

There’s so much totally unnecessary but still completely want-able stuff in here.  Stocking stuffer material, really.

Like rockstar nail files and wind-up robot salt ‘n’ pepper shakers.  WANT WANT WANT.

Even though each 1300k location is supposed to be dedicated to a certain theme, you can find a lot of overlap between them.  They ALL have Be@rbrick stuff, and this one had Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma displays, too.

Adorable Puchi Babie deer.

Creepy Sonny Angel toys.  These things are SO popular over here.  There was a lot of Choo Choo Cats stuff in this location, too!

The Ugly Doll x Hello Kitty plushies remained my favorites.  Maybe one day when Eoin isn’t looking I’ll sneak out and grab one to add to my ever-growing plushie collection in the corner of our bed…

1300k Stationery


Here is a map of all three locations:

1300k Map

1300k Map


Hongik University Station, Exit 9.  Walk straight out of the exit and cross the pedestrian crosswalk at the end of the street.  Walk straight uphill past Forever 21 and turn right at a small Tony Moly cosmetics store; walk on the left side of the street.  You’ll pass a Watson’s drugstore and the side street leading up to the Hello Kitty Cafe.  Continue walking past and you’ll see a Coffee Bean: 1300k ‘Kiddult’ is in the basement here.

To get to the 1300k ‘Antennae’ shop, continue walking straight.  You’ll see a big pink Etude House cosmetics store on the left.  Walk on the right side of the street.  Turn right at a big, bright yellow stone building called 미미네.  Walk downhill and you’ll see 1300k directly in front of you.

To get to 1300k ‘Stationery’ come out of 1300k ‘Antennae’ and turn right.  Walk down the street and the white and minty green building will be on your left.


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