Rooftop Cafe in Hongdae…for Dogs!

As much as I love puppy cafes, they do definitely have a few drawbacks, one of the primary ones being that drinks are always hideously over-priced and usually not very good.  So, I was super happy to find this dog-friendly rooftop cafe in Hongdae last weekend!


We found this place totally by accident.  We were walking down the street after enjoying a couple pizzas at Quattro, and I noticed this super cute sign on a banner:


We thought it could be a puppy cafe, so we ventured up to the fourth floor of a pretty dingy looking building only to find an adorable little cafe, guarded by two sets of doggy-proof gates.


The cafe itself is in this little green-house looking structure; there are about four or five tables inside, plus a few larger tables outside.  It’s not really a puppy cafe in the traditional sense, but rather a cafe which has three resident pooches: a beagle, a yellow lab, and a cute black and white mutt.


The dogs have complete run of the place, and though they were pretty good about going to the bathroom outside, there were still a few accidents on the floor, and they were hopping up on all the tables and chairs at their leisure.


Don’t mind if I do!


The drinks menu consisted of cocktails, ades, teas, coffees, milkshakes, and beer, all reasonably-priced (our Hoegaardens were 6,500 won each; not too shabby!)  The cafe owner also gave us a dog-friendly cupcake she had baked for her lab’s first birthday the day before!  So sweet!


Happy Birthday, big guy! 


The atmosphere in here was so relaxed; there were only a couple other people and pups in, and the resident dogs were so sweet, even when Duggie started barking at them like a little lunatic!


Cutie pie!


The cafe owner and staff members spoke excellent English, and were really cheerful and accommodating.  The cafe’s name is only in Korean, and they couldn’t really think of how to translate it for us in English.  It’s  마실 나온 강아지, which according to trusty ole Google Translate means “Dog Drink Cafe,” but I’m pretty sure it’s much wittier in Korean.

Business Card

Dog Drink Cafe


Dog Drink Cafe

I know this business card isn’t particularly helpful if you can’t read Korean, so here are some additional directions:

Hongik University Station, Exit 8.  Turn right out of the exit, walk straight until you come to a roundabout.  Turn left and cross the street.  Walk straight on the right side of the street, and the building will be on the right just before a second roundabout.  It’s tucked away a bit, so it’s not very easy to see, but keep an eye out for that bright yellow logo of the pup in the cup!

On the top of this building.

Dog Drink Cafe

Here’s a photo of the building itself


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