♥ Cute Korea: Choo Choo Cats! ♥

UPDATE: 23/07/16.  The Jetoy Flagship Store in Apgujeong has apparently MOVED: its new location is 14 Noon Square, 3rd Floor, Myeongdong.  Click here for a map.

Lucky for me (maybe not so lucky for my wallet), Korea is overflowing with cute stuff!  I’ve been a sticker and stationery-hoarder since a young age, and the vast abundance of adorable stationery stores here is totally taking me back to my childhood.  (I don’t think Eoin realizes that the big Hello Kitty binder I bought for ‘studying’ is actually just stuffed full of packets and sheets of cutesy pootsy stickers…)

Anyhoo!  My absolute favorite cute Korean stationery brand here is Jetoy Choo Choo, which most notably features glorious googly eyed cats surrounded by pastel pink roses and sparkly butterflies…sigh!

jetoy1So, let’s take a Jetoy Choo Choo quest around Seoul!

As far as I know, there are two official Jetoy Choo Choo stores in Seoul: the flagship shop in Apgujeong, and a smaller store in the Ssamziegil shopping complex in Insadong.  But you can also find Choo Choo merchandise in many stationery shops and bookstores around Korea.  One of the best ones in Seoul is Bandi & Luni’s Bookstore in Jonggak station (near Insadong – click here for a map and directions.)

First, let’s check out the flagship shop in Apgujeong!

jetoy2It’s such a cute little building, so hard to miss!  It’s in a kind of odd, quiet area, surrounded by barbeque restaurants and convenience stores.

Directions: It’s accessible from Apgujeong Rodeo Station on the Bundang Line.  Come out of Exit 5, immediately turn around, and walk past a large MAC cosmetics store on your left.  Continue down past a bike shop, and the Jetoy store will be on the corner on your left!

jetoy6You can find Choo Choo everything at this location!  Stationery, bags, shirts, stickers, blankets, pillows, even tea sets!

jetoy8This is definitely my favorite place to shop for Choo Choo stuff, because of the selection, and because there are usually really good sales here!  Sometimes specific items (like phone cases, luggage tags, etc) will be marked down, but they also always have big grab bags of random items priced at 10,000 won (less than ten dollars!).  Many of the items in the bags are still full-price in the shop, too, so it’s a total bargain!


jetoy5All of these items are actually stacked on top of a Choo Choo table, whaa!  I wanted it super much, but the price tag was too high.  They have cute and comfy Choo Choo blankets and cushion covers here, too

jetoy10I’m (secretly) starting a collection of Choo Choo make up bags and pencilcases, too…  They’re just too freakin’ gorgeous!

jetoy11I got that pink polka dot Choo Choo Cat mousemat last time I was here…even though I don’t even have a mouse…  I don’t really have an explanation for that, except, it’s CUTE!!  I’ll probs stick it on the wall or something! ^^

jetoy7CHOO CHOO TEA SET.  Stupid expensive (like 25,000 for a cup), but UGH, so cute.

The second official Jetoy shop is in Insadong, in the super quirky  Ssamziegil shopping complex.

jetoy12Ssamziegil is accessible from Anguk station, exit 6.  It has a brick exterior covered in ivy and big red rose emblems; even if you aren’t into Choo Choo Cats (though why would you be reading this post?!), it’s a mega funky shopping center to check out!

jetoy13It’s pretty famous for having these metal giraffe sculptures on the roof.

jetoy18The Jetoy shop is located on the top floor, and it is usually PACKED, so be prepared to wait outside until there’s an opportunity to squeeze on in!

jetoy19It was too crowded for Eoin to get in and take photos, but this location has most of the same merchandise as the Apgujeong store.  There were some rarer items here, too.  I got a black and pink makeup bag printed with cats and cakes, which I’d never seen anywhere else before.

jetoy14The roof of Ssamziegil features this cute love luggage tag garden and cafe (couples write cutesy notes on luggage tags and tie them anywhere there’s space; there were also some single ones and luggage tags which had been cut in half…awkward!)

jetoy15There’s also a poo cafe next to the garden.  Yep.  Poo Cafe.  You can buy poo-shaped bread (filled with bean paste…), snuggle against poo-shaped cushions, and hot drinks are served in toilet-shaped mugs.  Maybe I’ll actually go in and do a blog post about it…once the whole theme stops grossing me out.


6 thoughts on “♥ Cute Korea: Choo Choo Cats! ♥

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  2. I’ve been planning on taking a trip to Korea for a while now, but you’ve just convinced me that a trip to Seoul is definitely necessary! I never even realised these places existed – both baffling (with regards to the Poo Cafe) yet incredibly intriguing!

  3. Such a helpful post – thank you! I’ve been ordering Jetoy stuff off the internet: no Jetoy shops in the UK. I’m off to Seoul tomorrow so I’ll be sure to follow your advice and splurge! Off to read your other posts for more tips. Thank you x

    • Thank you for your kind comment! ^^ I’m no longer in Korea, but I just looked up the Jetoy Apgujeong store and it looks like it has moved – its new location is 14 Noon Square, 3rd Floor, Myeongdong. Myeongdong is Seoul’s main, super busy shopping area, so I’m sure you’ll find loadsa cute stuff to splurge on! Safe travels and happy shopping x

      • Oh my – I’m staying in Myeongdong! Goodbye sterling, hello Jetoy😉 Thank you for letting me know, it’s is so kind of you! x

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