Vegan Eats and Treats in Itaewon: PLANT and Petra

Last weekend we headed into Itaewon, because my all-time fave vegan bakeshop, PLANT, was closing for a few weeks for renovations, and I had to grab one last slice of cruelty-free cake!

itaewon7We arrived to a nearly-empty display case, but I managed to snag the very last slice of chocolate peanut butter cake, as well as a couple Earl Grey cupcakes and some thick and creamy soy chai tea lattes.

The chocolate peanut butter cake blows my mind every time; it’s the richest, moistest, creamiest chocolate cake ever, and that layer of PB goodness just amps up the flavor.

itaewon6PLANT will open again around the end of May; I can’t freakin’ wait!

itaewon1This big ole chow-chow hangs out in front of a clothes store on the street leading down to PLANT.  His English name is Hammer, and he looks SOO irresistibly soft, but unfortunately petting him is prohibited because he might bite.  That big squishy face, though!  Oomph!

itaewon5This stray dog adoption center sets up along Itaewon-ro every Saturday.  I came here a few times before adopting Duggie, just to get my puppy-petting fix and to donate some money.  All of the information is in Korean, but they have a big ‘adopt don’t shop’ slogan on their banner.

itaewon4 Some of the dogs looked like they were on the streets or abused for a while; a couple had injuries and looked a bit scraggly, but each time I’ve been they’ve also had a couple puppies and purebred dogs.  I’m so happy pet adoption is becoming more popular in Korea!

itaewon3How gorgeous is this schnauzer?!  He looked like an old rock star in his snakeskin top, hee!

We headed up Itaewon’s steep streets for dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant I’d found out about on Alien’s Day Out: Petra.

itaewon8When we first moved to Korea, one of the other foreign teachers at our hagwon told us we’d become used to constantly looking up as we walked around Korea.  This is so totally true, especially in Itaewon, where some of Seoul’s best bars and foreign restaurants are stacked on top of each other.  We totally would’ve missed Petra if we weren’t looking up as we walked along this crummy, trash-covered street (and of course our Google Maps helped…a lot!)

itaewon9Petra’s interior is really nice; it was way classier than I was expecting!  It’s not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant by any means, but there are a good assortment of cruelty-free dips, salads, and of course pita and falafel!

itaewon10We ordered a selection to share.  The falafels were tiny, but very soft and tasty.  I’m an eggplant fiend, so I got a plate of smashed, roasted eggplant which was good enough, and some baba ganoush which was super tasty.  The hummus was really oily and runny; I liked it, but Eoin said he preferred my homemade hummus (which is pretty thick and chunky).  I was really disappointed with the tabbouleh; the veggies tasted really old, and the tomatoes were especially bland and lacking flavor.  Overall, Petra was a nice change from Loving Hut, where we usually eat out, but we decided we preferred our own pita bread, hummus, and tabbouleh.  But, in the words of Levar Burton, you don’t have to take my word for it!


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