Children’s Day in Korea!

Last Monday was Children’s Day in Korea, which is a pretty self-explanatory holiday!  The holiday was founded in the 1920’s as a day to celebrate children; it’s basically an excuse for parents to spoil their kids for a day, and for over-schooled Korean kids to get a day off of studying!  Why don’t we have this in America, huh?!

Since we have our own furry child now, we decided to dress him up in a spiffy new outfit and take him out for a long walk and a trip to the puppy cafe!

I’m just a kid, too, Ma!

We went to our usual hangout, Cafe Pawz in Gangnam; I was expecting it to be extra busy since it was a holiday, but it wasn’t any more crowded than usual.  There were only a couple of kids there, but loads of puppies!

Spending the day feeding treats to pampered pooches seemed like a pretty good way to spend Children’s Day to me, too!

This super puffy pekingese had been dropped off for the day and was having a great time.

I think she remembered Duggie from his last visit!  Or maybe she was just digging his David Lee Roth pants.

Hey cutie!

This insanely tiny and adorable pekingese x chihuahua mix lives at Cafe Pawz and is always sought after by packs of squealing girls.  Duggie was chasing his cute little butt, too!

Everypawdy seemed to be having a great Children’s Day; I love seeing dogs making new friends!

I wanted to make friends with this pug, but he only had eyes for treats…sigh!


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