Duggie’s First Visit to a Puppy Cafe!

We’re still getting to know Duggie, but we came to realize pretty quickly that he LOVES people, especially children, and other dogs, so we felt pretty confident that he’d enjoy visiting a puppy cafe.  We decided to take him to Cafe Pawz in Gangnam, because it’s the closest puppy cafe to us, and because it also happens to be one of our favorites!

To get there, we had to hop on the subway for a 30 minute journey.  You’d think a crowded, noisy, smelly subway would be distracting and stressful to a tiny dog, but Duggie actually loves it!

Probably because he gets to snuggle up in his pink polkadot doggy bag!

Duggie wasted no time in running around the cafe, making new friends.  I love that he doesn’t get jealous when we pet other dogs, too!  He’s happy to share the love.  It seemed like everybody wanted to be Duggie’s friend.  Kids were crawling around on the ground with him, girls were lifting him onto their laps for snuggles, and he was getting WAY too many treats.

This pretty Maltese girl seemed to like Duggie, but he wasn’t that interested in her…

Instead, he just wanted to be buddies with this Rottweiler puppy!  (Sorry for the butt photo; there was a lot of butt-sniffing going on.)  He really wanted to play with him, but the Rottweiler just wanted to play with dogs his own size.  Poor Duggie didn’t seem to realize how tiny he is!

As usual, there were lots of interesting characters in the cafe.  In our dog-less puppy cafe days, we’d try so hard to get dogs’ attention; now that we actually have a puppy of our own (and probably stink of doggy smells), dogs won’t leave us alone!

This guy loved barking at Eoin’s camera.

There are a lot of odd doggy hairdos in Korea; this was by far one of the strangest I’ve seen.

Lil’ ole bug-eyes.  He wasn’t really feeling the puppy cafe socialization vibe, and just wanted to sit under my chair.

Taking a dog to a puppy cafe is kind of like taking a kid to a birthday party.  You sit there and watch them having a crazy fun time, but you also see them stuffing their faces full of junk, and when you tell them they’ve had enough and it’s time to go, they’re all like ‘just two more minutes, puhleeze!’  Duggie was so wound up and hyper when we left the cafe, but also like a kid, he totally conked out on the subway ride home.


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