Reflections on Life in Seoul and Vegan Eats at Loving Hut Sinchon and New Start Buffet

UPDATE: Loving Hut Rainbow (Sinchon) and New Start Buffet have closed.

To put it simply, we are LOVIN’ life in Seoul.  The speed and convenience of the subway, the variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, how crazy cheap (in comparison to other cities) everything here is, and the overwhelming positive attitude of the people here.  In comparison to Ulsan, living in Seoul honestly feels like living in an entirely new country.  People aren’t spitting, cursing, and screaming everywhere, no one’s pushing anyone over, or driving insanely recklessly, old people are actually treated with kindness and respect, people are SMILING, and holding doors open for each other, and basically just being decent human beings…  I dunno what went wrong with Ulsan, but MAN, I am so grateful to be outta that cesspool of misery and poo-smells.

I am also SO grateful for the vast abundance of vegan-friendly noms this wonderful city has to offer!


Gettin’ our grub on at Loving Hut Sinchon!  Fried dumplings, tonkatsu, sweet and spicy battered chik’n, and super spicy tteokboki.  Plus a refreshing glass of rose lemonade.  Cheap and cheerful Korean vegan food at its best!

We were super sad and shocked last month to find out that our all-time fave vegan buffet, Garobee, had gone out of business.  Thankfully we made a couple visits to stuff our faces before it closed.


The quality of Garobee’s grub was unbeatable; I’m still searching in vain for a replacement…  Sad times.

On our quest for a new fave vegan buffet, we came across New Start Buffet near Seolleung station.


New Start has been around for a while now; it’s not a fancy place, and the food was lukewarm at best, but it’s a good option if you want to fill your face without paying a buttload of money.


It was all Korean food, aside from the quesadillas (the first I’ve ever seen in Korea, and really good as well!)  Lots of pickled veggies, kimbap, a couple soups, seaweed, mockmeat bulgogi and tteokboki.


That plate of brown stuff was a new one for me!  It was some kind of fungi, but was really chewy and gelatinous, almost like seaweed.

I’ve been vegan for nearly six months now, though it feels like it’s been such a long time.  The thought of leading a non-vegan life seems so strange to me now!


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