Duggie’s First Visit to a Puppy Cafe!

We’re still getting to know Duggie, but we came to realize pretty quickly that he LOVES people, especially children, and other dogs, so we felt pretty confident that he’d enjoy visiting a puppy cafe.  We decided to take him to Cafe Pawz in Gangnam, because it’s the closest puppy cafe to us, and because it also happens to be one of our favorites!

To get there, we had to hop on the subway for a 30 minute journey.  You’d think a crowded, noisy, smelly subway would be distracting and stressful to a tiny dog, but Duggie actually loves it!

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Adopting a Dog in South Korea: Meet Duggie!

Ever since I left my family and dogs in Virginia and moved to Belfast, I’ve been wanting to get a puppy of my own.  For the past five + years I’ve spent countless HOURS looking at animal rescue websites and dog breeder listings, but in Belfast we were earning just enough money to get by, and last year in Ulsan we were living in a no-pets-allowed villa.  Now that we’re living in a huge apartment building in Seoul, and now that money is no longer a worry, the time finally felt right to do some serious searching for my puppy!

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Reflections on Life in Seoul and Vegan Eats at Loving Hut Sinchon and New Start Buffet

UPDATE: Loving Hut Rainbow (Sinchon) and New Start Buffet have closed.

To put it simply, we are LOVIN’ life in Seoul.  The speed and convenience of the subway, the variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops, how crazy cheap (in comparison to other cities) everything here is, and the overwhelming positive attitude of the people here.  In comparison to Ulsan, living in Seoul honestly feels like living in an entirely new country.  People aren’t spitting, cursing, and screaming everywhere, no one’s pushing anyone over, or driving insanely recklessly, old people are actually treated with kindness and respect, people are SMILING, and holding doors open for each other, and basically just being decent human beings…  I dunno what went wrong with Ulsan, but MAN, I am so grateful to be outta that cesspool of misery and poo-smells.

I am also SO grateful for the vast abundance of vegan-friendly noms this wonderful city has to offer!


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