PLANT Vegan Cafe Revisited…Every Weekend!

There are many awesome things about living in Seoul (which I will cover in more length in a later blog post), but by far one of the best is getting to nom on endless vegan treats at PLANT every weekend!

I am seriously going to get SO FAT this year; we’ve been to PLANT every weekend so far, stuffing our faces with cake and creamy soy chai lattes, plus hauling home extra bags of goodies to munch on through the week.

I am a sucker for Red Velvet, but the chocolate (banana!) peanut butter cake is by far the best; SO rich, with a dark chocolate frosting so thick you can actually peel it off of the cake.

The traybakes are every bit as amazing as the cakes, especially the carrot cake slices and brownies (or Oreo brownies, if you’re lucky!)

These little guys are always on the loose, patrolling the tiny street leading down to PLANT.


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