Tokyo 2014! Vintage Steals and Designer Deals on Harajuku Cat Street

Last time we were in Tokyo, we spent our time in Harajuku on Takeshita Dori, not even realizing some of the best shops were hidden on down the road, on a winding side street parallel to Omote-sando.


Welcome to Cat Street – funky fresh Tokyo fashion at its best!


Even though the street was quite empty, lots of the shops were still open.  At one point we thought we were going to have to buy a new suitcase to get all of our stuff home, but we managed to make it all fit.


I love how bright and funky this area is; you never know what you’ll find!



The elusive 6% Dokidoki!  I searched like crazy for this place last time (in the totally wrong area), but we just happened upon it completely by accident this time.  You can’t take any photos of the actual shop, but it is a tiny, glittery, kawaii universe stuffed into a space the size of our bedroom.  And there’s a giant stuffed rat coming out of the wall.  Google it, if ya don’t believe me!


Candy Stripper had a big sale on, so their usually extortionately-priced threads were marked down to a sort of reasonable price.  I got myself a bright pink panda-patterned sweater dress, much to Eoin’s delight!


Don’t worry, Eoin got himself plenty of new clothes, too.  Cat Street is brimming with vintage shops!



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