Tokyo 2014! Shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku

After our plans for visiting all the parks and museums we missed on our first Tokyo visit were scrapped due to the holiday closures, we decided to spend our time doing some serious shopping instead.  Our first stop was the Shibuya scramble, which was still as busy as ever!

Pink ‘n’ sparkly reindeer clouds.

Street fashion central, Shibuya 109, with an advertisement for its biggest sale week of the year…which we missed.  If we come back to Tokyo for New Year’s again, we’re definitely staying on later, because from January 2nd onwards is when all the sales really explode into action.

WC was probably my favorite fashion find last time we were in Tokyo, but this time we didn’t have much luck.  Everything had gone from being bright and cute to sort of baggy styles and muted colors.  Don’t worry, though, I got my shopping fix in Harajuku!

The entrance to Takeshita Dori – Harajuku’s heart.

Tokyo is crepe-crazy!  If only there was a dairy-free alternative, I’d be right there in line, too!

Laforet Harajuku – probably my favorite shopping center on Earth!  They were also gearing up for their massive sales…which we missed.  Sad face.

Omote-sando was all lit up with fairy lights and lanterns.  Eoin tried to stop in the middle of a pedestrian crossing to get a photo down the whole street, but a police officer with a megaphone politely told him to cross the street.

Since all of the little, independent restaurants closed for the New Year’s period, we were kind of out of luck when it came to vegan dining options.  We still made do, anyway; this pizza place had no problem serving us cheese-free veggie pizza pies.


One thought on “Tokyo 2014! Shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku

  1. It is in Harajuku that the influential Laforet fashion mall was founded and Fruits began, and it is still a creative center, with a focus on daring and fun.

    Love how japanese people express their personalities trough fashion.
    I believe Tokyo is the place in the world where new fashion trends are created.

    Thanks for the share, great pictures!

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