Well-Being Namsae Vegan Buffet in Busan

Ever since the Loving Hut vegan restaurant in Haeundae closed, eating out in Busan has been a bit of a disappointment.  So, this weekend, Eoin and I ventured out to Seomyeon to try the last remaining vegan restaurant in Busan: Well-Being Namsae Buffet.

Well-Being Namsae Buffet is a short walk from Exit 11 of Seomyeon station: continue past Busan Bank, and it’s up a flight of stairs just after KB Bank, on the second floor.

The restaurant space is huge, and it was actually packed with ajummas when we got there, just coming up to 12.

It’s a completely self-serve, all-you-can-eat buffet with a very wide range of options, all vegan!

There were plenty of soups, salad, hot and cold dishes, fresh fruit, and hot mock-meat dishes.

Though the owners didn’t speak English, each dish was clearly labeled in both Korean and English.  Everything was so nearly laid out and beautifully-presented; it was by far one of the cleanest Korean restaurants we’ve been to.

Yummy sushi rolls.

Hot mock-meat bulgogi.

Cute little soba noodle nests.

We filled our plates and went back for seconds; at 15,000 won a person, you really do need to come here hungry, to ensure you get your money’s worth!


6 thoughts on “Well-Being Namsae Vegan Buffet in Busan

  1. I will be staying at The New Day guesthouse in Busan. Can Loving Hut direct me to the closer Vegetarian restaurant and how to reach there by bus or subway. Thanks

  2. I also be staying at Jeju Island for 2 night and stay at Greenday guest house Jeju. Please address me how to reach there. Thanks

  3. I’m there in Busan for 2 months n I want some of the reasonable and vegetarian food, basically I’m a Indian so what are preferable options

    • Hi, there are quite a few Indian restaurants in Busan! ^^ I also recommend checking out Happycow.com and Lovinghut.kr for locations and maps of veggie restaurants in Busan. Good luck and enjoy~! ^^

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