Veggie Yums at New Little India in Busan

Busan has a buttload of tasty Indian restaurants; none of them compare to the amazing Indian cuisine we were used to in the UK, but they’re a welcome relief from Korean food and our own home-cooking.

Our favorite used to be Namaste, located on basement level near the beach in Haeundae, but this weekend we visited New Little India in Nampo, and we were totally blown away by its deliciousness, as well as how crazy cheap it was!


New Little India is located just off of the main shopping street in Nampo; it’s on the second floor, underneath a cat cafe.

The interior is pretty swanky, and it has quite a lot of space; we dropped by around 4, when it was basically empty.


We shared a plate of samosas and a pile of veggie pakoras for starters, both of which were super yums.  I love samosas with really thick, crispy pastry, and these ones were damn near perfect.

For mains we shared two veggie dishes: one potato-based and one lentil-based; Eoin asked for his to be extra hot, so I think they amped up the heat on mine as well, cuz it was WAY spicier than I’d been expecting.


We also ordered two portions of basmati rice (though one would’ve been enough!) and a basket of aloo paratha.  The portion sizes here were really substantial, and the prices were crazy cheap!  Our entire meal, also including a Kingfisher beer, only came to 45,000 won!

New Little India is definitely the best Indian restaurant I’ve come across here so far, especially for veggie options.  Other Indian restaurants I’ve been to in Korea tend to put bits of paneer into any veggie dish you order, even though there’s no mention of dairy in the menu description, so I was happily surprised to receive a paneer-free meal here.


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