Proper Pints at Savoy: Busan

Korea is a country filled with quirks and curiosities; there are so many tiny side-streets, holes in the wall, and alleyways, sometimes you really need to do a fair bit of exploring to find the good stuff.

We were window-shopping around a cluster of funky vintage shops in Seomyeon when we happened upon one of the most glorious establishments we’ve encountered thus far in Korea: Savoy.

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Veggie Yums at New Little India in Busan

Busan has a buttload of tasty Indian restaurants; none of them compare to the amazing Indian cuisine we were used to in the UK, but they’re a welcome relief from Korean food and our own home-cooking.

Our favorite used to be Namaste, located on basement level near the beach in Haeundae, but this weekend we visited New Little India in Nampo, and we were totally blown away by its deliciousness, as well as how crazy cheap it was!


New Little India is located just off of the main shopping street in Nampo; it’s on the second floor, underneath a cat cafe.

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Well-Being Namsae Vegan Buffet in Busan

Ever since the Loving Hut vegan restaurant in Haeundae closed, eating out in Busan has been a bit of a disappointment.  So, this weekend, Eoin and I ventured out to Seomyeon to try the last remaining vegan restaurant in Busan: Well-Being Namsae Buffet.

Well-Being Namsae Buffet is a short walk from Exit 11 of Seomyeon station: continue past Busan Bank, and it’s up a flight of stairs just after KB Bank, on the second floor.

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My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Howdy folks!

I know I’m a week late, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Hope you all stuffed your faces and had thoroughly lazy, bloated weekends.

I undertook the challenge of cooking my very first Thanksgiving, which also happened to be completely vegan, and also happened to be prepared with the use of a single gas burner…

Living in Korea requires a fair bit of inventiveness, especially when it comes to cooking.  Prior to moving here, Eoin and I basically lived off of roast dinners.  Piles of sweet, roast parsnips and beetroot…flaky mounds of cornflour-covered roast potatoes…all smothered in copious amounts of gravy.

I was determined to incorporate some sort of roast veggies into my Thanksgiving feast, so I managed to find a couple brownie tins in Home Plus, and when placed upon a gas burner and covered tightly with tin foil, they worked pretty well as make-shift roasting tins.

Anyway, here’s what six strenuous hours in the kitchen produced:


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