Vegan Eats and Treats in Seoul: Jack’s Bean and Cafe Sukkara

UPDATE: Jack’s Bean has moved to a new location.

For my last installment of this ‘Vegan Eats & Treats in Seoul’ mini-series, I’d like to highlight some of the best vegan eats in Hongdae, starting with the falafel heaven that is Jack’s Bean!


This place is owned by a cute Korean couple who lived abroad and must’ve really craved falafel when they came home.


Their menu includes everything you could possibly make from using chickpeas: from hummus to wraps to burgers to soup, they’ve got it all covered!  This was our second visit and it was just as tasty as the first time we went; perfect for a healthy lunch.

Next up, our favorite dinner destination from this trip: Cafe Sukkara in Hongdae.


It was a bit tricky for us to find Cafe Sukkara; it’s located in between Hongdae and Sinchon, so it was a bit of a walk from the Hongik University station.  We had to rely on our Google Maps to find it.  The building itself is pretty nondescript, so it’s pretty easy to walk past.


It has a vintage-y farmer’s market feel to it, from the huge wooden door…


…to the minimalistic interior with an eclectic mix of furniture, and the big baskets of fresh tomatoes and huge pickle jars!


Honestly, we loved everything about this place.  There was loads of room in between tables, the huge glass windows were perfect for people-watching, and the ambiance of the place was just so relaxed; it’s the kind of cafe you could easily spend an entire day in.


The kitchen is in the middle of the cafe, so you can easily watch your food being prepared.  It felt more like we were at a friend’s for dinner than sitting in a restaurant.

Cafe Sukkara is not an exclusively vegan cafe, they are just very open to modifying their dishes to suit nearly everyone’s diets.  They pride themselves on sourcing organic, local produce.

Their menu is pretty small, mostly vegetable-centered dishes, with the exception of a chicken curry.  We decided to share a vegan platter and a spicy veggie pasta.


I don’t think I’d order the pasta again; it was tasty, but nothing I couldn’t make at home myself.  The vegan platter on the other hand, OH MY NOM, I wish we had gotten two (or three…) of these…


Fair enough, it just looks like a big salad and some chickpeas, but it was SO freakin’ delicious.  Alongside the salad and chickpeas, we got a big bowl of super thick and creamy veggie soup, warm, fluffy walnut bread, and an amazing tofu spread that tasted JUST like herby cream cheese.

To top it all off, we ordered two custom-made mojitos: I got a plum variation and Eoin got a kumquat one.  We watched them being made from scratch by one of the servers, including crushing the ice by hand and everything.


There was so much meticulous attention to detail in this place; you could honestly tell each member of staff was devoted to making the best products they could, even though it was pretty late in the evening.


For pudding I got a toasty soy chai latte and Eoin got this hot plum wine.  We also shared a vegan coconut raspberry tart, which was a bit of a let-down after such a great meal.  I’ll definitely stick to PLANT for my desserts!

All in all, vegan or not, Cafe Sukkara is well-worth the visit!  Looking at all these food pics is making me so hungry, wahh!


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