Vegan Eats and Treats in Seoul: Baru Gongyang

Eating out in Seoul is a true delight, and a real treat for us since we’ve given up completely on eating out in Ulsan, the land of endless greasy Korean barbeque and fried chicken joints.

Our diets have changed completely since moving to Korea, due to a combination of factors, including price and availability of certain foods, and my outlook on the food industry has changed a lot since moving here.  Korea is a country OBSESSED with meat.  You can’t walk down a street without coming across posters depicting piles of raw beef and fatty strips of pork.  And, as you’d expect in a country where the consumption of dog and whale meat is still very prevalent, there really isn’t much in the way of animal welfare, or the humane treatment of animals.  Consequently, I’ve pretty much stopped eating meat and animal products entirely since moving here.  The only animal products I still consume are organic honey and sustainably wild-caught sardines, which I have shipped over from the US.

Eoin’s still a meat-eater, though he only buys Australian beef, as we’ve both been disconcerted by the fact that even though beef seems to be the staple of the modern Korean diet, we haven’t seen a single cow in any of the stretches of farmland we’ve driven past.  I’ve actually only seen two cows in Korea, harnessed into the back of a flatbed pick-up truck…

Thankfully, we were spoiled for choice with delicious vegan options in Seoul!

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Seoul Sights: the Korean War Memorial and Bukchon Hanok Village

Hey there!

Last week, Eoin and I spent a much-needed five-day weekend in Seoul, thanks to Korea’s Thanksgiving holiday: Chuseok.  Many Koreans return to their ancestral homes during Chuseok to eat traditional food and visit their relatives, but a huge number also take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad on holiday.  Consequently, hotel and flight prices are astronomical during this time period, so Eoin and I decided to give our wallets a break and stay in Korea.  We decided to spend our break in Seoul because a) it’s easily the most awesome place in Korea, and b) it’s totally deserted during the Chuseok holidays!

I’ve got a buttload of photos to share, so as usual, I’m going to split our adventure up into a few separate posts, starting with the touristy locations…

We did so much touristy stuff on our previous trip to Seoul back in June, that we wanted to make this trip more about indulging in Seoul’s gastronomical side.  We also both had colds the entire time we were in Seoul, so we weren’t feelin’ up to doing much trekking.  We made it to two touristy destinations on this trip: the Korean War Memorial and the Bukchon Hanok Village.

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