Cat Cafe Catastrophe!

Last weekend Eoin and I had our first cat cafe experience!


Yep, a cafe filled with cats.  Sooo many cats.

Aside from being a haven for cat-lovers, cat cafes are places where people can spend time with really exotic, expensive purebred cats, which makes them pretty different from dog cafes, which are populated mostly by rescue dogs.


No shabby street cats here!

I’d intentionally been putting off visiting a cat cafe, not because I dislike cats or anything, but simply because I couldn’t justify paying $8 just to sit around with some animals who would probably have no interest in me whatsoever.


Just look at that cold, steely stare.

When you walk into a dog cafe, the puppies are all going nuts trying to jump all over you, and the second you sit on the floor, there’s at least one snuggling onto your lap.  But, as I’d expected, when we walked into the cat cafe, none of the cats gave a crap.  They sniffed to see if we had any food, then lost interest and went to find a box to sit in instead.


I’d rather squish my furry butt into this tiny box than sit on your lap, pathetic human.

But, you can’t really blame cats for acting like cats.  The cat cafe itself was really nice, very clean and staffed by incredibly friendly feline aficionados.  I think the cafe was called ‘Hello Cat’ – it’s a pretty big chain throughout Korea, anyway, with lots of different locations.  They have a Korean website:  so if you’re looking for a cat cafe here, definitely keep an eye out for their sign.


So, I had no problem at all with the cat cafe experience until a well-meaning member of staff gave me a packet of cat treats.  Suddenly the cats which hadn’t given a crap about me were ALL OVER me, physically trying to GRAB the treats from my hand.


The Sphynx cat on my lap in this picture was a psycho, because she was full of kittens!  She had no qualms against using her teeth and claws to steal treats off of people, and was also going crazy hissing at the other cats.  This was the only problem I had with the cafe: they didn’t neuter or spay their cats!  I’m guessing it’s so they always have kittens on hand for people to play with, but it really made the cats mental.


While I was trying to fairly distribute treats among the cats, an uber-greedy Bengal cat jumped up and sank its teeth into my thumb!  This is when I decided I really wasn’t a fan of cat cafes.  Oh my god, the pain!  I’m such a wimp when it comes to pain, especially if I’m also BLEEDING, so it took everything I had not to start whimpering and sobbing.  I went and sat in a corner to nurse my poor thumb, and in true cat fashion, it was only THEN that the cats decided they wanted to sit with me.


This guy plopped in the chair across from me and just STARED at me.


And the little Sphynx decided she wanted to sit on my table, much to the annoyance of all the other customers who had been trying desperately to get her attention.

So, yeah, I certainly wouldn’t dissuade anyone from visiting a cat cafe, especially if you want to see loads of expensive breeds:




I have no idea what this thing was.

All I can say is, BE CAREFUL!  Especially if you have food in your hands.  Would I ever visit a cat cafe again?  Probably not.  Well, I’d consider it if it was a geriatric cat cafe filled with toothless felines.



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