Busan Baseball and Haeundae Beach Revisited

Last weekend we ventured back down to Busan for our first Korean baseball game!


Eoin had never been to a baseball game, and my only experiences were at Baltimore Orioles games with my Dad when I was little, so neither of us really had any clue what was going on.  We were more entertained by the Korean cultural curiosities rather than the baseball, but it was a nice evening out.


The strangest cultural quirk we witnessed were these plastic bag ‘hats’.  Baseball stadium staff handed out loads of bags, and everyone took one, blew it up, and tied it onto their head with completely straight faces.  Totally normal.

We stayed in Haeundae again, simply because it’s where the train station is, and it’s a funky area.  There aren’t that many hotel options in Haeundae, it’s mostly all ‘love motels’.


They aren’t as trashy as the name would lead you to believe; we’ve stayed in two so far, and both rooms have actually been bigger than standard hotel rooms, but at a fraction of the price.  Both the ones we stayed in were very clean, with all the basic hotel amenities, plus a few…extras, like massage lotion and feminine cleanser…

But, yeah, they’re really not that bad.  There were actually a couple families staying in our hotel…which is a bit weird I guess, but makes sense if you want a holiday without a hefty price tag.

The funniest thing about love motels is the sense of secrecy they offer their customers.  The parking garages have automatic doors that open and close super fast when cars drive in and out, and the reception desk is a tiny hole in a blacked out window, so you can’t actually see who you’re talking to (kind of weird).  Check-out is also super impersonal and involves dropping your key into a box in the elevator, and then presumably hightailing it home before your wife starts wondering why your business trip is taking so long…

The weather was so hot and sunny all weekend; it’s definitely worth catching the train to Haeundae for the weekend, or even for the day, as train tickets are only $3 per person.


There was a group of scuba divers at the beach who kept unloading bags of starfish onto the sidewalk.  I have NO IDEA why; it was pretty cruel and smelled nasty, but the little kids were really into it.


Poor things!


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