Ulsan Bamboo Forest and Taewha River Park

Hello!  I have quite a lot to update you all on, but I’ll start off in Ulsan.

A couple weekends ago we took a long, long walk out to Ulsan’s Bamboo Forest, and from there wandered on to the Taewha River Park.

Depending on what side of the river you’re on, you may have to get a boat across to the Bamboo Forest.


Well, ‘boat’ is a rather loose term; it was more like a tiny bamboo raft with some string tied around the corners to keep people from falling off.  And it was operated by pulling that rope across the river.  Only about ten people are allowed on the boat at a time, and because it was a weekend there were loads of people out, so we ended up waiting about 40 minutes to board the fabulous bamboo vessel.  I wouldn’t wait that long again, but I suppose it was worth it purely for the novelty!


The bamboo ‘forest’ was a bit of a letdown for us; we’d been expecting an actual big, dense forest, but it turned out to just be a small series of trails lined with bamboo, cordoned off with string.


I guess it would be impressive to people who have never seen bamboo before, but we lost interest in it pretty quickly.


The most exciting part for me was when I saw this sign and thought there might be raccoons climbing around in the bamboo…but we didn’t see any animals at all, aside from a few tiny dogs wearing dresses.


Taewha River Park.

It’s a short stroll from the Bamboo Forest to the Taewha River Park, which was pretty nice, lots of pretty flowers.


One of MANY hilltop pagodas.


Funky sculpture in the Taewha River Park.

So, yeah, I wouldn’t advise anyone to get their hopes up about visiting the Bamboo ‘Forest’; it’s nice enough for a quick stroll, but there are MUCH more scenic places to go for a walk in Ulsan.


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