Puppy Cafes!


I know I have a few weeks’ worth of excitement to update everyone on, but most crucial things first:


Yes.  A cafe…filled with PUPPIES.  Basically, you pay an extortionate fee for a kind of crappy drink, but then you get to sit and play with the puppies for as long as you please.

I’m pretty sure most people are aware of the cat cafes that became popular in Japan years ago, and puppy cafes are a more recent spin-off of these.  I haven’t been to any cat cafes yet, (there was one in Ulsan, but it shut down soon after we arrived), but we’ve visited two puppy cafes so far: one in Busan, and a new one right here in Mugeo-dong!

The first puppy cafe we went to was in Jangsan, Busan; it’s located above a pet store / dog grooming salon.  It was awfully small for the amount of dogs that were in it (about 8 medium-small dogs plus a Bernese Mountain Dog and a HUGE black lab), and there were lots of kids running around, so it was kind of chaotic.  This cafe also served cake and cookies, the smell of which was making the dogs go even crazier.  We managed to pet a few pooches, and Eoin got slobbered on by a Cocker Spaniel, but it was impossible to actually sit down and cuddle the dogs due to the sheer madness going on.


This Pomeranian was the focus of all the little girls’ attention; I had to wait nearly an hour before I got the opportunity to snatch him up!


TOO. FREAKIN’. CUTE.  Yes, dyeing dogs is HUGELY popular in Korea.


There was also a random cat wandering around.  I guess you’d look pretty pissed off too if you were a cat in a dog cafe.

The puppy cafe here in Mugeo-dong was MUCH better than the one in Busan, and cheaper, too!  It’s over twice the size of the one in Busan, with two floors: one for big dogs, and one for small dogs.


Triplets!  (No, those aren’t slippers, the dog actually has fluffy purple paws).

It seems to be pretty common that the dogs in dog cafes are from animal shelters, which makes sense: who could afford to buy 20 purebred dogs?!  All of the big dogs in this cafe were DEFINITELY rescues, because they were all mutts, and pretty ugly – very sweet and friendly, though!


This one reminded us so much of Ziggy!


This guy was the shyest of all the dogs; the cafe owner said he was terrified of people when she got him.  He was soooo sweet once he got used to us.


The ‘captain’ of the big dogs!

The big dogs lost interest in us after we stopped feeding them treats (which you can buy when you enter the cafe), but the small dogs were a different story: SOOOOO SNUGGLY.  We sat and cuddled them for a good couple of hours.


Treats, please!



This Pomeranian puppy broke my heart: it was THEE cutest thing EVER, and so soft and snuggly!


We called this one ‘Pee-Pee Pants’, because it was wearing a diaper, and oh my god, it was trying to pee on EVERYTHING – chairs, tables, peoples’ bags – it was out of control!  And it also decided I should be its snuggle companion and made a nest on my lap – thank goodness its diaper held up and I left the cafe pee-free!

So, in conclusion, puppy cafes are probably the BEST thing I’ve experienced so far in Korea, and I’m SO happy there’s one right here in Muego-dong!


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