Our Humble Abode

Finally – some photos of our flat!  Probably the nicest place we’ve ever lived, and the rent is completely free.  TEFL is a remarkable thing!


The view into our flat from the hallway; compact yet cozy!


The bedroom!  It is what it is: a room with only enough space for a bed!  (And a hidden closet tucked into the wall).


The living room.  It’s actually bigger than this; there’s a huge window facing the sofa, and a bookshelf and TV in the corner.


I love having sliding doors; they make entering and exiting a room feel so…stylish.


The kitchen, complete with Eoin’s handmade wall-mounted pot-rack, a.k.a. a nail and a coathanger!



Toaster (all toasters in Korea come with lids), electric kettle (which we went out and bought at 11 pm the night we arrived, because we just CAN’T go to bed without a cup of tea), and our newest purchase: a fancy little rice cooker!


There is an overabundance of cute stuff in Korea; I say ‘AWWW!!’ about ten times when walking through any store here.  This Choo Choo Cat calendar is one of the few things I’ve actually been allowed to purchase, take home, and coo over.


Our tiny little balcony.

So, it’s certainly the tiniest place we’ve ever lived, but it’s also the coziest and most comfortable.  It’s super quiet and safe, brightly colored, and there are lots of little electronic doo-dads that sing little songs or make cute little beeps when you press them.

What more could ya want?!


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